Top 10 Favourite Internet Personalities

I decided to dust off my blog, and rummage through half-finished projects, and be productive for once.  I have been extremely determined to finish this Top 10 List, despite all that’s gone on these past few months.  My good computer died, and then I was using my evil laptop Charlie.  Plus I’ve also been sick lately, which has been a hindrance.  And then of course I took a little blogging vacation.  But I’d rather shave my tongue, run through my neighbourhood in nothing but a sparkly tutu whilst singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber, than let any minor hindrance prevent me from finishing this post. 

*Note – I actually had to look up what songs were by Justin Bieber.  Suffice it to say: I am not a fan.

I was at a loss as to what to do for my next Top 10 list, so to procrastinate I started to watch my favourite internet videos, catch up on blogs I’ve missed and such.  Then it hit me, I should share my Top 10 Favourite Internet Personalities with everyone, because they’re fun, entertaining, and they’re awesome.  I’m so smart – I’m amazed by my awesomeness.  Don’t worry, Ill punish myself for my arrogance later. 

So without further delay, here are my Top 10 Favourite Internet Personalities!

10. Jake Jarvi – Pineappleboy Films

Out of all the people on my list, this guy is probably the one that is least known, which really is a shame because he’s awesome.  Jake Jarvi is a filmmaker, and I was first introduced to his channel by Wheezy Waiter, who was in Jake’s youtube series entitled Platoon of Power Squadron.  Since the third episode, Jake has been doing a weekly update, telling us about how he makes films, the writing process, and occasionally doing interviews.  I just really enjoy watching his channel because I find filmmaking interesting, and I thoroughly enjoy his quirkiness.  I hope that his channel starts getting more subscribers, and he starts to become more noticed, because I believe there’s a lot of talent there.
Platoon of Power Squadron Episode 1: Part 1.

9. David Wong –

It says on his info page on that his real name is Jason Pargin.  I’m not entirely sure if that is true or not, but I know him as David Wong, and he has written some of the funniest articles on one of my favourite websites.  This website seriously wastes more of my time than youtube (which is a real feat).  I suppose I had to pick him out of all the amazing writers from this website because he’s the senior editor, and he’s written probably the most articles on the site.  If you’ve never taken a gander at, I strongly suggest you do, you find out some interesting things there, and its a really great way to spend your time.
Some of his articles: 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted, 5 Horror Novels That Will Shrivel Your Balls this  Year, 5 Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won’t).

8. Lewis Lovhaug – Linkara

First off, I’d like to state that I’m not a comic book fan.  I’m not anti-comic book or anything like that, I’ve just never gotten into comic books.  I know the characters that are famous decently because of films and other mediums, but when it comes to comic books, it’s all over my head.  Despite that, I really enjoy Linkara’s reviews of terrible comic books.  His narrative gives a funny explanation of how bad this comic is, while still having valid points to make.  He doesn’t just say “Oh gee, this is stupid”, instead he gives a very good analysis of the comic, based on some topics such as the overall story or the art.  I’ve also become a huge fan of his series The History of Power Rangers.  I admit, I used to love Power Rangers as a kid, so this was just really interesting and kind of nostalgic.  I also love how Linkara shies away from using profanity in his films – and though I’m not stranger to profanity, it is really refreshing.  He has a kind of etiquette that most internet personalities don’t have.  And like some of his internet colleagues that he often collaborates with, he has a number of different characters.  My personal favourite is 90s Kid.
Some of my favourite Linkara videos are: History of Power Rangers – Mighty Morphin’ Season 1, Ultimates 3 #1 and 2, Cable #1.

7. Lindsay Ellis – Nostalgia Chick/Antonella Inserra – Nella

I admit, this whole list is basically a sausage fest.  However, the Nostalgia Chick is definitely my favourite Internet Personality out there.  She reviews nostalgic films that are more catered towards girls.  She won a contest for, and is now basically his female counterpart.  I really enjoy her dry sense of humour, and like Linkara, the points she makes in her videos are well thought out and intelligent.  In her films she often has her friend Nella guest star.  I adore Nella = she reminds me of me actually.  The interaction between these two friends reminds me of how Saber and I interact.  They play off each other, they make jibes at each other in a playful fashion, that if you don’t know they’re joking, you may get offended.  Obviously this kind of sense of humour works for them because they are still making videos together.  I just really enjoy the dynamic between these two. 
Some great reviews to check out: My Little Pony, Armageddon Part 1 and Part 2, DragonheartShowgirls Begins, Showgirls The Revenge.

6. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw – Zero Punctuation

Unlike a lot of the other people on my list, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw doesn’t appear in his videos.  He uses animated characters to represent what he’s talking about, which I find really works with how his reviews are set up.  Yahtzee posts video game review videos for the online magazine The Escapist.  Now, most of the games he reviews I haven’t played myself, but what I really adore about his videos is how fast he talks.  He’s got an English accent, a very sarcastic sense humour, mixed with impeccable vocabulary and an extremely fast paced, never-ending rant.  Often I’m amazed that he can just keep talking and talking without skipping a beat, and sometimes I have to watch the video twice just to get all the points he’s making or to hear all the jokes that I may have missed the first time.  Even if you don’t like video games, I’d suggest watching one of his videos just to experience his unique style, it’s really quite entertaining.
My favourite reviews of his: Psychonauts, Guitar Hero III, Super Paper Mario, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Sonic Unleashed, Duke Nukem Forever, Bayonetta, Halo: Reach.

5. Brad Jones – Cinema Snob

This guy is just hilarious.  Absolutely, 100% my type of humour.  He’s sarcastic and a bit dark, and I find him so entertaining to watch, even when he’s not scripted.  He just seems like one of those guys that can totally keep a straight face while making an outrageous, dark themed joke.  Basically to me, he just seems really genuine, smooth, and cool.  He’s one of those guys you’d like to hang out with, or wish you could hang out with.  Out of everyone else on this list, I feel like he’s the least cartoony with his videos.  He doesn’t need to be dramatic, or to act silly or outrageous to make his videos interesting, he’s interesting enough as it is.  Plus he wears a suit, how awesome is that?
Some of my favourite videos: Piranha 3-D Review, Titanic II Review, Brad Tries Manson Family Cult-a-Cola, Brad Tries Edible Insects, Brad Tries Jones Soda Thanksgiving Pack.

Now this is the part in my top 10 where I had the most trouble.  The top 4 people are just so amazing, that I had a really hard time trying to rank them.  Like my favourite movies, it all really depends on my mood.  But with some very hard consideration, I think the rankings work – but keep in mind that they could easily fit into any order.

4. Toby Turner – Tobuscus

I started to watch Toby Turner because of Phillip Defranco aka sxephil from youtube, whom I used to watch every day.  One of Philly D’s channels is LikeTotallyAwesome, and this is where I was introduced to Toby Turner, who did gaming and other media news updates.  Toby Turner is very much the opposite of Brad Jones – he can be very cartoony, he’s extremely expressive, and a little bit of a spaz at times.  He puts a lot of effort into his Tobuscus videos, but he makes it seem easy.  It really looks like he just says whatever comes to his mind, and throws it in, and it works.  His videos range from funny videos about Facebook games, to the new series Cute Win Fail.  I thought when I started watching him that he was putting on a bit of a show, that he was just acting that way for the camera.  But his two other channels, TobyGames and TobyTurner proved my theory wrong.  His lazyvlogs show that he really is just a hilarious guy, who randomly goes into freestyle raps about anything, who walks down the street everyday talking to his eye phone about nothing in particular.  I can’t explain how funny he is until you watch him just basically talking to himself.  I used to watch Toby Sucks at Halo Reach, where he films himself playing Halo Reach and shows how awful he is, while giving a hilarious commentary.  I only stopped because I got too busy to keep up with how often he put up a video.  If you have the time, I’d really recommend watching one of the videos from this series, I have honestly never had more fun watching someone else play a video game.  Toby Turner is awesome, what else can I say?
Some awesome Tobuscus videos to check out: Trapped in a Vlog, Literal Twilight Eclipse Trailer, Literal Tron Trailer, Cute Win Fail #1 – Show Me Your Ding Ding, Eight O’Clock Coffee Day 1 and Day 2.

3. Noah Antwiler – The Spoony One

If I had to pick someone from my list that I had an internet crush on, it would be a tie between Toby Turner and Spoony.  I adore Spoony’s videos – he ranges from bad movie reviews, to video game reviews, to sketches, to his daily vlogs.  I find all of them really entertaining – he always brings some form of unbridled anger to most of his reviews, anger that is more rageful and pissed off than cartoony, like some of the other people on my list.  He reminds me of me when I watch a bad movie, because sometimes I end up screaming at the screen too.  Like others on this list, Spoony also has a number of different characters, but most famous of those would be Dr. Insano.  If you couldn’t tell by the name, he’s an insane doctor.  I really enjoy Dr. Insano’s shrill, whiny, spastic tone of voice, and just how insane he is.  What I also really enjoy about Spoony is that when he’s reviewing something, he gives a detailed explanation as to why he does or doesn’t like – it just shows he puts a lot of thought into every review he makes, and though sometimes I don’t agree with him, it’s hard to not be swayed by his opinion.  His vlogs are really interesting to watch, because he’s being himself, rather than the played up version of himself in his review videos.  He seems like a genuinely nice, funny guy, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like nice guys – they always finish first in my books (or in this case, very close to first).
Here are some of my favourite Spoony One videos:
Movie reviews: Rebruary – CAGE, Mazes and Monsters, Highlander 2 – The Quickening Part 1 and Part 2, Santa with Muscles.
Game reviews: Final Fantasy VIII part 1, Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs (NES), Highlander – The Last of the MacLeod’s, Ultima 1, Lets Play SWAT 4 – Mission #1.
FMV Hell: Johnny Mnemonic, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sewer Shark.

2. Craig Benzine – Wheezy Waiter

I’ve been trying to remember when and why I started to watch Wheezy Waiter.  I believe it was the summer of 2009 when I started watching him, around when I just moved into my first apartment, was still trying to find a job, and basically had nothing to do.  When I discovered his video randomly, I spent a good few days watching all 300-so videos on his channel (as of right now he’s over 477 videos).  Out of all the people on my list, I’m certain that Wheezy Waiter has the most inside jokes than any of them, ranging from: the sky bank, the whale tank, his clones, the alligator pit, breathing, the coffee being done, his hot dog suit, the thought microphone, his nemesis the eagle, Ty the Regular guy, and hand stands.  There are many more, but those are the ones I could think of just off the top of my head.  His style ranges from informative, to musical, to outright silly.  He knows how to balance his videos, and I know I can say for sure that I have never be bored watching his videos.  I had a very hard time not putting him on number 1, because he is just so entertaining, and my days always start out a bit better when I see a new Wheezy Waiter video pop up in my subscription box.  I’m a beard lover, and proud of it!
Some of my favourite Wheezy Waiter Videos: Every Wheezy Waiter Video Ever Made, The Trophy Thief, Neti PotsBreakfast #5: Flock of Bagels, Balance, Ba(n)d Practice, Legends of Anarchy (Driftless Pony Club Music Video), Tour de Beard #1, Tour de Beard #2: Omaha, State of the Beard, Life Off, H2 Uh Oh, Whale MunchiesCraig vs Canada, National Coffee Day?, Clones Lasers and Antimatter Oh My! , The Spy Who Drugged Me, Beards on the Run #1 – I Quit.

1. Doug Walker – That Guy With the Glasses

I’ve been a huge fan of Doug Walker for a few years now, and I have to say, his videos are something I look forward to every week.  Maybe that’s sad and sort of pathetic, but you gotta take the little joys in life where you can.  Doug definitely is no mere little joy though, he is definitely a very giving entertainer.  The first video I ever saw of his was a sketch video he did, going along with a the impersonation meme that seemed to hit the internet (especially youtube) for a while.  Being intrigued, I found my way to his website, and was opened up to a new awesome world of awesomeness.  Like others on my list, he has different characters as well.  My favourite being the Nostalgia Critic, where he looks at nostalgic films from childhood, and finding they aren’t as great as he remembered.  I love these videos, they can be so bitter and angry, but are extremely cartoony at times.  Doug says he gets some of his inspiration from Daffy Duck, and I can totally see that – he definitely works the cartoony rage well.  Another character of his is That Guy With the Glasses, where he plays a version of “himself”, where he is evil, smug, arrogant, perverted, and psychotic.  These videos are just so dark, I can’t help but love them.  This character gets asked weird questions and he answers them, and though it sounds like a simple concept, his answers are far from simple; they often range from nonsensical to completely deranged.  He also has a character named Chester A. Bum, who reviews current films.  And like his name, he is a bum, who is impressed by nearly everything, claiming that every film is the “Greatest movie I’ve ever seen in my life!”.  His final character is Dominic, who is in the newer series Video Game Confessions, where he plays a bartender at a fictitious bar in the Pixel Palace.  He retells stories of famous video game characters.  What I enjoy about this character is that the character is the straight man, and with this contrast to Doug’s normal characters, it gives room for the story to really come to life.  I’m a huge fan of all of his videos, and I think that he really has something for everyone to like.  He puts a lot of work into his videos, and I just really admire him.  I can tell he really respects his fans, but also does what he does not just for them, but because he loves it too.  I think proof of that would be the amazing 2 year anniversary film he made with the help of a bunch of his fellow reviewers (link to part 1 below).  I’m not ashamed to say that I actually bought the dvd to this either.  Though I had a hard time picking the order for this list, because I adore everyone on the list, I really do feel like Doug Walker deserves the number one spot on my list.  Here are a few of my favourite videos of his that I think at least some of you will enjoy:
Nostalgia Critic: Super Mario Bros – The Movie Review, Batman and Robin Review, Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat Review Part 1 and Part 2, Titanic the Animated MusicalAlone in the Dark (with The Spoony One and Linkara), Casper, The Room, IT.
2 Year Anniversary Special: Kickassia – Part 1.
Bum Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, The Dark Knight, Twilight, Watchmen, Star Trek.
Ask That Guy With the Glasses: Episode 1.  Seriously, just watch the first episode, they only get more crazy from here.
Video Game Confessions: Mario, Pac-Man, Duke Nukem, Chell from Portal.

And yes, that is indeed him dressed up as Bison from Street Fighter. Awesome.

So there you have it, my Top 10 list that I’ve been promising for far too long.  It’s finally here, and I hope you all enjoyed it!


Top 10 Favourite Television Shows of All Time

Upon my return home, and becoming accustomed to life back in the nest, I have realized that within the past three years my need to watch television has drastically declined.  It was slow at first, but now I find I rarely watch it, and if/when I do it is either because I am at someone’s house and they are watching TV, or because I’m honestly so bored I don’t know what else to do.  In one of my bored states, I asked myself “Why don’t I watch TV much anymore?”.  My eyes wandered over to my stack of DVDs, and I got my answer.  All of my favourite shows are over, or I don’t get the channel.  There are three of my favourite shows that are still creating new episodes, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to wait for them to release the new episodes anymore.  With my collection growing, I’ve been purchasing my favourite shows so I can watch them whenever I please.  I suppose I still “watch TV” per se, however, I make my own schedule based upon the shows that mean the most to me.  And with that, here is my list of Top 10 Favourite Television Shows of All Time, which everyone should watch because they are fucking awesome.   

10. Star Trek: The Next Generation
I’m a huge fucking nerd so its no surprise that at least on Star Trek show is on my list.  Sure the original show is classic and full of campy-good-fun, but this is the show I grew up on.  I’ve been watching this show since I can remember – sure when I was three I had no idea what was going on, but I still watched it none-the-less.  If anything, I’ve watched this show too much.  This would probably be higher on the list if I could sit and watch an episode anymore, but like the Simpsons, I know all the episodes inside and out, and in that case I don’t really need to watch them.  I suppose its on my list for nostalgic reasons, and the fact that it is a really great show.  For anyone living under a rock or without a soul that have not seen an episode of this show, it follows the idea of “Problem of the week”, which of course (usually) resolves at the end of the episode.  It’s got sci-fi, it’s got action, it’s got romance, it’s got comedy – basically it’s got everything.  Watch it.  Like, right now.   

"Oh Picard" by hi3ei on



 9. Penn and Teller’s: Bullsh!t
This is one of those HBO shows that I can’t actually watch on tv because I don’t get HBO, so I’ve been watching this on DVD.  What I like about this show is that it can be quite controversial, often they touch on areas that may likely offend someone from time to time, and I kind of like that.  I like challenging others, and I like how the questions they ask, and the facts the give may challenge my own beliefs and opinions.  Sure, I don’t always agree with them, but I don’t have to.  I enjoy hearing different sides of the story, and usually the way it’s presented is very humorous.  I think for any intelligent person out there, this is a really enjoyable show to watch.   

"You're Full of Bullshit" by Mrs-Crocker on



8. Cheers
I almost didn’t count this on my top 10, but I had to consider the fact that this is one of the few shows out there that I can literally rewatch time and time again.  Some of my favourite dramas (which are lower on the list) are great, but I don’t think I’d want to watch them over and over again every day – they can be too heavy.  Cheers is one of the few shows out there that are still very funny even after all these years.  Sometimes, but not often, there may be jokes or comments that are very dated, that are only really relevant within the time the show was aired; but aside from that, the show is about a group of friends and the humorous stories that follow them – and that’s something everyone can relate to.    


7. South Park
This is one of those shows that I believe you either hate it or you love it.  What I really enjoy about this show is how much it’s changed with each new season.  I’ve caught a couple of first season episodes on rerun lately, and man, is it ever tame. It’s just interesting to see what was considered “edgy” around the time this show came out.  First season South Park is about what Family Guy is now.  But what I like about South Park above the so-called “outrageous” comedy that is Family Guy – is that South Park keeps going places that people are either afraid to go, or wouldn’t even consider going.  They creators have pissed off so many countless people, and still create more and more fucked up episodes each week.  And on top of that, the pace at which these episodes are pumped out amaze me – something could happen that week within the media or the news and count on South Park to have an episode about it.  This show definitely isn’t for everyone, as there are episodes that are just completely fucked up and controversial (some that come to mind are: “The China Problem”, “Scott Tenorman Must Die”, “The Return of Chef”, “Imaginationland”, and “Eat, Pray, Queef”).    

"South Park" by AmyHayaNora on



 6. Futurama
A much more “family friendly” show (well, sort of – compared to South Park at least), this is really one of my top favourite cartoons ever.  This show was cancelled for a while, and now that it has been brought back I’m a bit excited – I would be very excited but the new fucking episodes haven’t aired in Canada yet.  I can’t fully explain why I love this show so much, especially when compared to the Simpsons.  While the Simpsons have created a benchmark for all “adult” humor based cartoons, Futurama exceeds that benchmark in every possible way.  The characters are extremely hilarious, and unlike some shows, I actually enjoy all the characters – from Fry, to the Professor, and hell, I even love Rusty.  And the equivalant to “Meg” from Family Guy, the stereotypical character no one else really likes/pays attentions to – Dr. Zoidberg – is really funny.  Good enough to carry a few of his own episode story arcs.  With Family Guy and the Simpsons I can think of a number of episodes I really don’t like, and a few characters I don’t like.  With Futurama, I have a very hard time thinking of one character I don’t like; even characters like Amy’s parents who are meant to be unlikable are really funny.  And on top of the characters, Futrama goes further than just pursuing pure comedy – there are quite a few episodes that are emotional, and although only a few really explore deep emotions like sorrow, there are quite a few instances that kind of “tug-on-your-heartstrings”.  The two really famous (or infamous if you don’t like emotional shows) is “Jurassic Bark” and “Luck of the Fryrish”.  Futurama has great writing, great character development and is just overall a really enjoyable show.  If you haven’t seen it, shame on you.   

"Futurama" by Gigei on


 5. Friends
Yes, yes I know – pretty much half the female population in North America loves this show.  And although I think this is probably the cheesiest show on my list, there’s something about it that I really love.  Maybe it’s the fact that it is another one of the few shows out there with infinite re-watchability.  Maybe it’s the characters – who although can be clichéd, they’re generally likeable, likeable enough I wish they were my friends from time to time.  Although the writing isn’t perfect, it’s good enough for me.  Something about Friends just softens my heart, and I can’t really explain anymore than that why I love this show.   


4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This is a show I watched a bit when I was younger, and then stopped for quite a long time.  It was definitely not my favourite show when I was 12, and now that I’ve rewatched it, I adore it.  Though it’s not always a very “deep” show, it does have some very dark story lines, especially later within the show.  Something about the campy feeling that comes with some episodes, and the other very dark episodes has a very unique mix to a show that I just adore.  It’s like it gives you a few heavy emotional episodes, then lightens the mood for you.  It’s like the show knows that too much at once can be bad, and like life, sometimes you need a mixture of dark and light.  Or maybe I’m reading too much into my own emotional attachment to this show.  The show is about a girl who fights vampires; it can be silly at times, but it has action, it has humour, and really interesting characters.  And with the new (and very annoying) vampire resurgence, I think this is a show that any so-called vampire lover should watch (considering Twilight tried to rip it off).  Plus, anything by Joss Whedon is at least worth a watch.   

"Angel and Spikek from Buffy" by Doc-PhantomShadow on


 3. Arrested Development
This is by far my favourite comedy ever.  If you enjoy the Office, then I know you’ll enjoy this show.  A faux documentary style show that was cancelled like many other great shows.  The Bluths are the dysfunctional TV family; if you don’t believe me give it a gander, and you’ll understand.  It’s hard to explain why this show is great in any way other than “It’s awesome”.  The show is exceedingly dry humoured, with so many “WTF” moments that you may have to rewind it and see if that actually just happened.  This show becomes funnier with each new episode, as with a close friend, the show develops its own inside jokes that only faithful watchers will understand.  I seriously hope they develop this into a film, because my god it will be fantastic.   

"Buster Bluth" by aberry89


 2. 24
I love action movies, and I love suspense.  24 delivers both, almost too much to handle some times.  And albeit some of the things that happen are a bit “soap opera” like, but what good show isn’t a bit unbelievable?  Don’t tell me a smoke monster is more believable than one man having 8 exceedingly terrible days.  What I really like about this show is the character development.  Usually there are at least five new characters within each season, with only a few recognizable cast members from previous seasons.  What I like about this factor is that they have to overly develop these characters within a short frame of time, so the audience can develop a quick opinion of everyone, and start to get attached early within the season.  I think with a show that is layed out in such a unique way, doing it this way makes the audience more involved within the story because they are almost forced to care (or hate) the characters early on within the season.  And yes, it’s a bit “theatrical”, but it’s entertaining, and anyone who says it’s boring probably hasn’t watch the show from the beginning, or are honestly just honestly too unintelligent to try to understand it.   

"24" by Tritz on


 1. Babylon 5
I love this show so much, I would marry it.  This show has everything that I love about TV.  It’s got a really good story arc, it’s got characters that are well developed and deep, it’s political, it’s sci-fi, it’s action packed, it gives the audience questions and makes them wait for answers, it’s got recurring themes, and it can be very deep or very campy.  Albeit maybe this show isn’t for everyone, but as far as Sci-Fi goes, I really believe this is the best written.  Yes, it does have some cheesy moments, but so does every fucking Sci-Fi show out there.  The graphics are cheesy compared to graphics now, but this show had a very small budget compared to other shows of the same caliber, and with what they had, they did an excellent job.  The show at first gives enough to make the audience curious – just stringing them a long a little bit here and there, and once the second season hits and the larger story arc comes into play, it hooks you in.  I can’t even begin to explain how attached I became to the characters the first run through of this show.  And though some of the acting can be a bit campy, it’s charming in its own right.  I think if anyone enjoy sci-fi, this is a show that you should watch.  My recommendations – watch until the end of the 2nd season, if you don’t like it, you won’t.  If you’re interested and intrigued, keep watching because it just keeps getting better (until 5th season hits, then it’s back down to season 1 good, but still really enjoying to watch).   

"Babylon 5 Fan Art" by A-gnosis on

Top 10 Best Movie Sequels

First off I’m going to apologize to my friend Ryan.  I was trying to think of ideas for “Top 10” lists, and Ryan suggested best sequels.  I shot the idea down, saying it’s been done.

Well, during a break from homework today, I’m drinking my coffee staring blankly at the screen trying to think of Top 10 list ideas.  Then it dawned on me – it’s all been done before.  No matter what kind of list I try to make, someone has probably already done it.  So I might as well be true to myself, and add my own take on an idea that’s already been done.  Then Ryan’s suggestion popped in my mind – what is a sequel, but adding to what’s already been done before?  It was perfect…well at least I thought so.

So sorry and thank you to Ryan for the suggestion!

I also wanted to mention that I did include trilogies and series, as you’ll see in a minute.

Let’s not waste anymore time, and here’s my take on the Top 10 Best Movie Sequels:

10. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Not many people my age have actually seen this movie, which is a shame to begin with.  Additionally, not many people my age even realize that this is a sequel.  It’s the third in the Dollars Trilogy (or as some would know as the “Man with No Name” Trilogy).  It’s also the most recognizable of the three films.  I really think I enjoy A Fistful of Dollars more (the first film), but this is a great sequel nonetheless.  It’s a classic western, and while not everyone will enjoy it, I believe it’s one of the best films from its era.

9. Shrek 2
Honestly, I love Shrek.  I love the characters, and I just really enjoy watching these films.  Shrek 2 I feel really improves upon the first film in many ways.  I recently watched both films again, and I noticed how the first film really is simple compared the second.  The first one really plays out like a fairy tale, which is what they were going for I suppose.  I just felt that the second film has a lot more dimensions to its story, therefore making it more interesting to watch.  It takes an already entertaining film and one-ups it.  The third one…well that’s a different story, and I’d rather not mention that piece of shit tonight.

8. Lord of the Rings: The Towers
I wasn’t going to add Lord of the Rings to this list at all.  A few people may argue that Lord of the Rings is one large story and this shouldn’t be counted as a sequel…but I think if one can say that about this story, you can say that about any sequel.  Sequels are just additions to a familiar story, containing similar places, characters, plots or themes.  They can be completely relevant to the previous familiar story, unrelated or continuations.  That’s just how I see it.  Anyways, I’m rambling.  I picked the Two Towers instead of Return of the King because in all honesty, I like it better.  They’re both great, but there are just so many parts of this film that I love – Helm’s deep, the Ents, Sam’s speech at the end (as cheesy as it is, I still love it).  Return of the King is awesome, but fuck it’s long.  They’re both long ass movies, but Return of the King kind of drags on.  I find Two Towers really exciting for the most part, and that’s why it’s on this list.

7. The Dark Knight
I almost didn’t put this film on my list at all, but it’s too good to ignore.  Batman Begins was a really great way to reinvent the franchise of Batman, which was almost destroyed when Joel Schumacher made Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.  The Dark Knight did everything Batman Begins did, but about ten times better.  The film is dark, edgy and really emotional, and it carries a very strong (sometimes very blatant) message.  I really think a lot of this films success can be attributed to Heath Ledger.  And I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been successful if Heath Ledger hadn’t passed away prior to the films release, I just feel that because of his untimely death, the film attracted an audience that might not have gone to see the film in the first place.  I’m not going to lie though, the Joker was by far my favourite part of the film, and I feel it overshadowed the character of Batman immensely.  I have trouble recalling the film without thinking of scenes with the Joker in it, and this is why I put the film so low on the list.  While I really love this film, to me I think that because of its huge success, the sequel that will eventually come out is almost doomed to fail.  There is more expectations for the sequel to this film, and honestly, I don’t think they can top the Dark Knight.  Also, unlike some of the other films on my list, I believe this one is a film that is not timeless.  While it’s very relevant to our society today, I’m not entirely sold that this film will be quite as important 20 years down the road.  I’d love to be proven wrong, but that’s just how I see it now.

6. Aliens
Alien was a great horror/sci-fi flick, and it really is a classic.  Aliens is a lot different from Alien though, and in certain ways I feel it’s superior.  While Alien is very much about the mood, and the suspense – Aliens is about action and excitement.  Sure, it has suspense too – but some people don’t get scared the same way anymore, and although I love Alien, some people find it a bit boring in comparison to Aliens.  I enjoy suspense, and I don’t have to see the alien in the film to be afraid of it, because my imagination fills in what my eyes are missing (probably a reason why a lot of people either were super scared of Paranormal Activity or thought it was boring…but that’s for another time).  And I love when a movie does that, makes me imagine my own horror.  However, Aliens caters to a wider range of audience, and it really is a classic all in its own.  While I don’t find Aliens frightening, I love watching it.  It’s got a really decently written story, and I love how it doesn’t copy the original film.  It takes the same sort of idea, the same creatures and premise and ultimately creates its own unique film out of it.  It’s like awesomely written fanfiction – in many ways it’s more enjoyable than the original source material.

5. Die Hard 2 – Die Harder
God I love Die Hard.  There’s nothing like coming home, ordering some pizza and wings, having some booze and watching Die Hard.  While I still think the first one is better, Die Hard 2 is still fucking awesome.  It’s got all the same plot elements of Die Hard – John McClane is just minding his own business, terrorists show up and start some badass shit, and it’s up to John McClane to stop them – and on the side, again his wife is in trouble at the same time.  It’s action packed, it’s mindless fun, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I fucking love this film.  I didn’t put the third or fourth one on here, because honestly while I still like both of them, I still think the second one is better.

4. Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness
The number four spot is a tie for me.  Both films are similar and different at the same time, and I really enjoy both of them.  If I had to pick which one I liked better, I’d honestly have to say Army of Darkness, because I think the story is better, and it’s got some really funny parts in it.  That’s not to say Evil Dead 2 is worse, I just personally enjoy Army of Darkness  more.  They tie for number four because I couldn’t decide which one to put on my list, and they’re both great cult films.  Evil Dead 2 is sort of not a direct sequel anyways…It starts off with a bit of the first film, so while it’s a sequel, in my mind I find it to be more of an extension of the first film (an awesomely entertaining extension that is).   I still love both films, and no one can deny that they have the best one-liners ever.  Where else are you going to hear gems like “Gimme some sugar baby” and “This…is my BOOMSTICK!”?

3. Back to the Future II
Why is Back to the Future II so high on the list?  Hello??? Anybody home??  Think McFly!!  Ok I really just love the Back to the Future series.  And while the first one is still my favourite of the series, the second one is my favourite sequel.  It jumps right into the story, and doesn’t slow down at all.  And it really keeps the charm of the first film, which is why it’s so awesome.  Plus, I absolutely love Biff in this film.  He’s an awesome bad guy, and I love how his character is played up in this film so much, just makes the movie more memorable for me.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
I’m not going to lie, I saw this film before Terminator.  Well technically that’s not true, but apparently I saw the first film when I was a little kid and I was scared shitless.  Honestly, I don’t remember this.  But I did see T2 when I was about 10 – and man is it fucking awesome.  I still think that some of the technology of this film is still amazing and is comparable to films nowadays.  I love both films (and I choose to ignore T3…because it sucks…).  It’s so high on the list for a few reasons. A) I love action films, B) I love Arnold films and C) It is just that much better than Terminator that I felt that it needed a very high spot on my list.  If you haven’t seen it, then shame on you – naked Robert Patrick shuns you!

1. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Do I even have to fucking explain this?  The Empire Strikes Back is not only my favourite Star Wars film, it is one of the best.  A New Hope is amazing, it changed film history.  But Empire is dark, it takes the “boy goes on an adventure” story from the first film, and develops it into a story about a boy becoming a man – learning who he is, learning his values.  He faces temptation, fear, and most importantly, his own doubts.  It’s a great continuation of the original story.  And lets face it – it’s fucking Star Wars!!

And that’s it, my list of top 10 best movie sequels.  I wanted to note that yes I know that Godfather Part II isn’t on there…I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen the Godfather films yet – but I assure you, they are on my to-do list!

Honorable Mentions: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Trek First Contact, Toy Story 2, Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me, X2, Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan, Mummy Returns, Red Dragon, Spider Man 2, Lethal Weapon 2.

Top 10 Movie Psychos I Wouldn’t Wanna Get on the Wrong Side Of

So I’m having my coffee, and I just finished watching “Silence of the Lambs” for probably the 20th time – and I started thinking how if I ever met Hannibal Lecter (if he were real of course), how I would definitely not want to get on his bad side.  As I started thinking, I decided to make a top 10 list of movie psychos that I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of.

10. Michael Myers (Halloween)
Now I know Michael Myers is from a bunch of slasher films, and to be honest, most of them I don’t even really like.  I enjoyed the original Halloween, as well as the Rob Zombie remakes.  And there are a lot of people who don’t like Rob Zombie’s take on this horror classic.  Well those people can bite me because I enjoyed them.  Michael Myers in both films is fucking scary – he’s this massive guy who just kills people.  In both films there’s speculation about why he’s doing it, and a bit of back story in the more recent films, but there is no definitive reason.  This what brings him to number 10 of my list – I wouldn’t want to encounter him period, let alone get on his bad side (I wonder if he has a good side)

9. Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction)
Why does this slim blonde beat out Michael Myers?  Well in my opinion, a bitch with an issue is fucking worse than a giant that’s nuts.  I mean, like most girls she’s got issues with wanting to be loved, except she takes it to the extreme-way-past-the-norm-line.  It’s clear what kind of crap she does when Michael Douglas’ character gets on her bad side.  She beats out Michael Myers because Michael is going to chase you, he’s going to kill you.  If he can’t get you he’ll move on and kill whoever else is next.  Alex Forrest will chase you, attempt to kill you, you’re family – and even your pet rabbit!  She’s one C-Nut not to be messed with.

8. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
I know, I know – another slasher flick villain.  Freddy is just awesome though.  I never found these movies scary (and thats saying something cause I get scared easily), but Freddy was the reason I watched them.  I mean this guy has got some serious issues.  He’s out to get revenge by killing people’s kids in their sleep?  How fucking psychotic is that?  I would definitely not want to get on his bad side – lest he kill me or worse (if I had any) my children!

7. Jack Torrence (The Shining)
Some people would put Jack Torrence closer to the top spot on the list.  And I don’t disagree that he’s one mean son-of-a-bitch (and crazy as that), but I have a few reasons why he just barely made it on my list.  A)In the film Jack (despite being played by Jack Nicholson) is portrayed to be a loving father and an overall good guy, he only later becomes a psycho due to the hotel. B)In the novel Jack Torrence has a lot more going for him to be a psychopath, a lot of anger issues and it seemed like he was always hiding his inner killer.  But in the film, it felt more like it just erupted out of nowhere – which is still very frightening, but in my opinion it doesn’t earn him a higher rank.

6. Mickey and Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers)
Natural Born Killers is a great movie, and a completely fucked up one at that.  These two lovebirds don’t have any motive, but enjoy killing innocent people alongside each other.  And that to me is something to fear – they would kill and torture anyone, at any time, anywhere.  I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side, just so they would kill me quickly instead of taking their time.

5. Otis (The Devil’s Rejects)
House of 1000 Corpses isn’t a bad horror flick, I just don’t think it’s nearly as good as Devil’s Rejects.  The Devil’s Rejects is just one big gory mind-fuck and Otis is one fucking bad ass psycho.  He has no control over his temper, and he will do anything to torture and fuck with you.  He has no remorse, and I definitely would not want to get on his bad side.

4. Norman Bates (Psycho)
Does anyone really need an explanation?  Despite the fact that “Psycho” is the title of the film, Norman Bates has that outer appearance of a (mostly) normal guy, and thats what makes him scary.  With Michael Myers it is understandable why anyone would be scared, but if you’re not suspecting someone to kill you in the shower – isn’t that a bit more frightening?  This mama’s boy has got some serious issues, and if you haven’t seen Psycho (preferably the original), then I strongly recommend that you do.

3. Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
It was hard for me not to put Lecter in the top 1 spot.  Honestly, I would never want to get on the bad side of Hannibal Lecter, or he might rip off my face and eat it.  However, he is also a very educated man, and if I could persuade him to not kill me, it wouldn’t be quite as frightening as the top 2 and 1 spots.  I still wouldn’t want to get on his bad side though – I still like my Liver where it is thanks.

2. John Doe (Se7en)
Everyone has committed at least one of the seven deadly sins at least once in their life, which is why I would not want to get on this guys bad side.  He has patience, and he goes unnoticed – which is why he is such a scary psycho.  He took 1 year torturing a guy for his crime of “sloth”, and that’s just sick.  I would definitely try to “stay holy” if I thought this guy would actually kill me for being sinful.

1. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
This guy has serious issues with people – women especially.  He has no motive, and even when he confesses he gets away with it.  I would not want to get on his bad side because I honestly don’t want him to drop a chainsaw on my head.  He doesn’t kill people for revenge, or because he had a poor upbringing, or because he’s a 7 foot tall mask wearing oddity – he does it because he can.  If he were real, he would kill you because he needed to pass the time.  He’d kill you because you had a better apartment than him, or a better haircut, or a better business card!  It would be hard to tell if you crossed his bad side because he would smile about it to your face and then drug you and stab you later.  He is one guy I would definitely not want to get on the wrong side of.  By the way isn’t that picture just fucking priceless?

Well there you have it – my top 10 list of movie psychos I definitely would not want to get on the wrong side of.  If you don’t agree, and have a better suggestion I encourage comments!  I’m always open for suggestion!

Now – off to go Irish up my coffee 😉