Poetry Thursday #57

A lovely Thursday to all of you!  It seems my computer isn’t quite as dead as I thought it was going to be, so a celebratory caffeinated beverage is in store!  I love CCBs (not to be confused with CBCBs, complimentary birthday caffeinated beverage, which are also awesome).  I made mine this morning, and made it all fancified (with warmed milk and foam), but alas it seems my mother has moved my cinnamon sugar – which is the ultimate topping for a CCB.  Boourns mom, boourns.  Maybe it’s a mother thing, maybe when I have kids I’ll start moving their stuff too, and I’ll understand the secret reasons why they do it.  That, or maybe I’m just blind this morning.  Meh.

Wow, that was a long ramble about CCBs, sorry bout that!  I guess it feels weird not having a post go up every day anymore.  Again, I’d like to thank Tom Baker for starting that little project, and though not many ended up doing it, I had a lot of fun.  And yes, I can take those oh so subtle hints about maybe next time someone else should write the questions.  I agree too, I just have to figure out how to trick Ryan into doing it…  I’ll have to persuade him with a SBCB (sneaky bribing caffeinated beverage).

Anywho, on with the poem for the week!  Enjoy! 🙂

Drops of Tears and Rain
Thunderous echoes, lightning sky,
the tempest’s din heard throughout
the night, waking all but I,
for I was wide awake.  My heart
ached and boomed like the thunder,
calling out in desperation, crying
out into the night sky, “All alone!”.

As our passionate storm cries on,
we grow weary from our loneliness –
for in our last act of sadness,
there was no solace to be found.
Growing silent to let the world
sleep soundly once more, the night ends
with whispered drops of tears and rain.

"Lightning Bolt" by MattTheSamurai on deviantart.com


Poll and Guest Post Reminder!

I was going to write a longer post for today, but after waking up feeling like my brain has melted, I’ve decided to relax for the day.  Sorries!  So only a quick reminder, and a poll at the bottom that I hope you answer 🙂  Thanks!

But I did want to remind everyone that the guest post I wrote for Tom Baker’s blog, Morning Erection, has gone up this morning!  It’d be really great if you could stop by his site and let us know what you think.  Also, again, I’d recommend looking at his other posts, because they are a very interesting read!  I also want to thank Tom again for allowing me to have this opportunity; it’s weird (but in a good way) that someone likes my written work (that isn’t one of my friends and has to say they like it :P).  I can’t stress enough how appreciative I am!

Before I go off and make myself some coffee in an attempt to reconstruct my brain, I thought that I may try my first poll.  I’m hoping to write more frequently in the future, and now that school will never be an issue again, I should have more free time to write.  So I’m curious, what would any of you like to see more of?

Poetry Thursday #21 and Good News All Around Hurray!

What a beautiful Thursday it is!  I feel the fall weather coming on a bit early (it’s rather cool for August weather here in Southern Ontario), and I couldn’t be more excited!  I love autumn – the comfortable weather, the beautiful colours, and of course, Hallowe’en is coming around the corner!  

I’m in a very good mood today which is combined with a number of good things going on in my life right now.  First off, my parents have gone on vacation!  Hurray!  I love my parents, so very, very much, and I’m exceedingly grateful for how awesome, generous, and helpful they have been.  But my house (not really a house, a condo actually) is pretty small for three above average sized people – and I get on their nerves just as much as they get on mine.  So it’s good for everyone, they get to be rid of me for a week, and I get a nice quiet house to myself, so hurray!  I have to admit though that I’m a bit jealous, because they’re up near Algonquin Park area, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect reading/writing scenery!  Oh well, I can settle for a quiet house. 

On another note, my phone broke – yes poor Bill died.  Oh, yeah, I name my electronics (computer = Charlie, Mp3 = Arthur, flash drives = Fred, George, Percy & Ginny, old phone = Bill).  Strangely it was all after the Weasely family from Harry Potter – I am such an incredible nerd it’s almost not funny anymore.  Anyways, I couldn’t get a new phone for free from my phone company because I had 15 months left on my contract, and it was going to cost me lots and lots of money that I didn’t have to get a new phone.  My parents gave me a huge I.O.U. (see, they’re awesome), and I got a new phone for about $120 (the phone is worth about $400 though, so score!).  The plan costs the same as my last one, but my new phone is sexy.  It’s an HTC Hero, and I named him Wade (he is a very purpley girly kind of phone, but meh, it’s still a “him”).  Why Wade?  Well my favourite Superhero is Deadpool aka Wade Wilson. 

The similarities are uncanny aren't the?


Second to last thing that’s made me excited – I have a job interview tomorrow.  So hopefully if I get the job, I’ll be able to pay back my parents.  I’m very nervous, but I think I’ll do all right.  It’s an over the phone concierge service; my one friend works there, and she says she really likes it.  So cross your fingers for me.  But because I’ve been prepping for the interview, as well as working on another project (explained in the next paragraph), I only wrote two poems this week, sorries! 

And now for the thing that’s excited me the most (I have been very excitable lately, maybe I need to cut back on the coffee…nah): I was contacted by Tom Baker, the author of the blog Morning Erection to be guest blogger for September!  The post will be going up September 4th on his website.  So mark your calendars – no seriously, do it, I’ll wait….Done?  Good!   I really recommend Morning Erection to everyone – there’s lots of variety to his posts, and they are extremely well written and exceedingly entertaining.  He’s got a lot of posts too, so it’ll keep you busy for a while.  So please, check out his blog, and I will keep everyone updated about the guest blog I’m writing.  

Did I mention how extremely excited I am?  Hmm I’ve overused that word today.  Thesaurus time: aroused, eager, enthusiastic.  I think aroused is my favourite.  Any ways, I’m sure all of you by now are yelling “Get on with it!” and throwing food at your computer screens, so on with the poems! 

“Silly Juice”
First drink, second drink, third drink;
hindering my ability to think!
Fourth drink, fifth drink – shots all around,
enough to make me feel profound!
Sixth drink, seventh drink, a visit to the loo,
for my stomach is feeling a little blue.
Eighth drink, ninth drink, tenth drink – more!
And now I seem to have hit the floor. 

*Note – my brother and I both call Vodka silly juice…because, well it makes us silly.  On that note, I don’t drink often or anything, I just wrote a little fun silly poem this week :). 

"Vodka" by rachgoesRAAAAWR on deviantart.com


Latent Greatness
Forfeit would be fine indeed,
to let life leave me behind;
to misery I would be confined.
Or should I choose to not concede? 

 If my legs were broken beyond repair,
would I find the strength to crawl?
When darkness makes its alluring call,
will I surrender into despair? 

 A decision I shall have to make
which path is best to follow –
to be forever trapped in sorrow,
or to resolve to never break. 

 Resting in my hands is fate:
I will never be quiescent,
nor shall my life be evanescent –
because I have a chance to be great. 

"Holding On" by 2ne92 on deviantart.com