Poetry Thursday #79

Another break from the 30 Days of Honest Blogging posts.  Which is greatly needed, it’s very popular this year and very hard to keep up with!  It seems like everyone is having a great time though, so I can’t complain.  I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s answers today, and remember to check back tomorrow for my next answer.

And now with the poetry!  Hurray!

Deceptive Thoughts (and Nothing More)
Unfaithful by my thoughts;
a passing stranger
wetting my lips,
trembling my heart.
Thoughts of tender touches.
Thoughts – and nothing more.

Catching butterflies
in the knots in my stomach.
Breaking their wings –
no more fluttering flights
of frivolous fancies.
A girl’s crush is not love.

No more dreams of dark
mysteries in my mind.
Leave my heart, for
it was never yours to have.
Leave my mind, for
you and my heart deceive me.

There is only room for one
to grasp my hand,
to kiss my lips and
feel my hips beneath them.
There is only room for one
to occupy my heart.

"Desire" by BFKNKN on deviantart.com


Irishin’ Up My Coffee

There’s nothing like having some good ol’ fashioned Irish Coffee at the end of the day to relax your mind.  And get you just a little bit drunk. 

Well this is my new blog, a sort-a-kind-not-really New Years Resolution that I’m finally starting.  The thought of starting a blog came from my friend Debby, after she commented on one of my Twilight rant notes on Facebook.  And as much as I really hate Twilight, I don’t want to blog about shit that I hate, or bitch about my life, because in all honesty there’s not much to hate at the moment.  I don’t have classes until February, so really I get to sit on my ass for a whole month – doesn’t sound too bad to me. 

But I digress.  My blog is named after coffee because coffee is my brain juice.  Honestly my brain is fucking mush if I don’t get some.  The caffeine doesn’t even really affect me anymore, I think my body just needs it to function properly, kind of like water.  I usually end up getting a lot of my random weird thoughts when I’m drinking a coffee, so hence the not-so-cleverly titled name of my new blog. 

I’m going to try to post my daily thoughts – either opinions on life, musings or just random questions.  I would also like to post my two cents on the media, because without school to keep me occupied, I’m gonna be wasting a lot of my time with movies, games, internet, and music.  And lord knows how much I like to talk about them. 

As far as I’m concerned very few people may stumbled across this blog, but who knows, life seems to surprise me from time to time. 

Have a good night world – I’m off to top off my coffee with more Bailey’s. 

Baileys with coffee so yummy