Poetry Thrusday #63

I wasn’t feeling well on Monday, so I didn’t go to work.  Well, apparently doing that caused my whole week orientation to get all frazzled, and I was almost convinced that today was actually Wednesday.  So I do apologize for this going up so late (well, 7:30 is late for me anyways), but at least I remembered!  Just one poem this week, I was also going to post it for the Poetry Potluck but it slipped my mind to do so, my bad!  But instead of that, I’ll be posting this for the Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 49, hurray!  So here’s my poem for the week, enjoy!

A Perfect Moment of Happiness Before the Storm
Skies of cerulean blue, graced
with wisps of white clouds –
hot summer days, bright sun rays,
sparkles upon calmed water.
Bold and beautiful brew,
a hint of Mozart in the air,
a tan forming on freckled skin,
and a bemused smile on soft lips.

Wondering when and why this
perfect moment will cease,
why the sun must hide,
why the clouds must darken.
For calm waters always anger –
the gentle breeze becomes harsh,
carrying a roar on the horizon,
raining, pouring, on my sunshine.

"Dark Coffee" by Monika Serkowska aka monika-es on deviantart.com


Poetry Thursday #57

A lovely Thursday to all of you!  It seems my computer isn’t quite as dead as I thought it was going to be, so a celebratory caffeinated beverage is in store!  I love CCBs (not to be confused with CBCBs, complimentary birthday caffeinated beverage, which are also awesome).  I made mine this morning, and made it all fancified (with warmed milk and foam), but alas it seems my mother has moved my cinnamon sugar – which is the ultimate topping for a CCB.  Boourns mom, boourns.  Maybe it’s a mother thing, maybe when I have kids I’ll start moving their stuff too, and I’ll understand the secret reasons why they do it.  That, or maybe I’m just blind this morning.  Meh.

Wow, that was a long ramble about CCBs, sorry bout that!  I guess it feels weird not having a post go up every day anymore.  Again, I’d like to thank Tom Baker for starting that little project, and though not many ended up doing it, I had a lot of fun.  And yes, I can take those oh so subtle hints about maybe next time someone else should write the questions.  I agree too, I just have to figure out how to trick Ryan into doing it…  I’ll have to persuade him with a SBCB (sneaky bribing caffeinated beverage).

Anywho, on with the poem for the week!  Enjoy! 🙂

Drops of Tears and Rain
Thunderous echoes, lightning sky,
the tempest’s din heard throughout
the night, waking all but I,
for I was wide awake.  My heart
ached and boomed like the thunder,
calling out in desperation, crying
out into the night sky, “All alone!”.

As our passionate storm cries on,
we grow weary from our loneliness –
for in our last act of sadness,
there was no solace to be found.
Growing silent to let the world
sleep soundly once more, the night ends
with whispered drops of tears and rain.

"Lightning Bolt" by MattTheSamurai on deviantart.com

Poetry Thursday #48

Another Thursday of the poetic variety, huzzah!  I hope everyone had a great week last week, I can’t complain too much.  But I do have to say, I really need to stop playing the Sims 3 so much.  It has definitely made me realize how unproductive it makes me.  If you have never played the Sims 3 (especially World Adventures), then good for you because it is highly addictive.  I’m sure even if I get out of my Sims 3 craze, once Portal 2 comes out I’ll be even more unproductive and I’ll be back at square one.  I suppose I could just not play video games anymore, but that would be too easy – and definitely  not as fun.  Plus it makes a somewhat plausible excuse as to why I haven’t done something.  If I stop playing video games, then I’ll have no one to blame for not doing anything all day but myself, and yeah, I don’t wanna do that. 

Hmm, that was an odd tangent to go off on, sorry about that.

Anyways, I’m still trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs.  Some people’s I really need to catch up with, sorry!  So if anyone out there has a time turner or a time-travelling DeLorean that I could borrow, I can get caught up quicker (well really it’ll take me the same time, but to all of you it’ll be quicker because the space-time thingy).  Or, if someone has like a watch or a remote that can stop time, I can be done by the time you finish reading this sentence.  Also, it would give me much more time to play my Sims 3 game.  So yeah, if you got one, I’d definitely appreciate you letting me borrow that. 

That’s a fair amount of rambling from me today, on with the poem! 

The Tempest
I have seen the storm
raging on when I close
my eyes.  I have been
through the floods that pass
through the deepest depths
of my dreams.  I am
lost – drowning in my own
thoughts and doubts.  Doubting I
can swim to the shores
that will embrace me as
I am.  I can feel
the thunder – booming, echoing in
my heart.  Shaking, quaking, as
the tremors of my soul
try to move me, make
me feel.  I can only
feel the drowning, the water
plunging through my lungs – and
as I die within the waters
of my own self doubt,
I can see the power
and the strength of the
tempest inside myself, my soul;
I have seen the storm.

"Tempest" by E-T on deviantart.com