Poetry Thursday #81

Sometimes when I’m cleaning out my purse I find used napkins, wrappers, hair clips, and other strange oddities floating about.  One thing I find is crinkled paper with a half-written poem.  I also find these half-finished thoughts scattered about my room, stuffed into journals or binders, or buried in my closet.  I was cleaning my room this week and I found one that I’m guessing is at least a few years old.  I finished it and tweaked it, and thought I’d share it with everyone.  Enjoy!

Note: The majority of this poem was written at least a year ago – I can tell by the weird fancy paper I wrote it on (used it up last year), this is in no relation to anyone or thing now.  However, I did add a few things that felt like it would improve the poem.

The Silent Battle Between Stubborn Friends
Watching you, watching me –
I see in your eyes
that anger, betrayal, that you
see reflected back from mine.

Smiling like it means nothing,
laughing like we don’t care.
But inside thunder is brewing,
waiting for the calm to cease.

I have been your shoulder,
for all those silly woes
and tears you like to shed
over senseless, stale stories.

I asked for understanding,
a small gift for a friend –
which was too big a gift
for the center of the universe.

Now we both stand cold,
frigid as our stubbornness –
unrelenting like a bitter,
long, unforgiving winter.

My shoulder will no longer
absorb your tears and sadness;
For now, I shall comfort my own
senseless, stories of sorrow.

"Wilted" by Tom Head aka 326159487z on deviantart.com


Poetry Thursday #80

We had a loss in our family on Thursday, April 12, 2012.  I don’t want to write much more because it’s a hard topic to find the right words for.  I did write a poem, and though they may  not be the right words, they explain how I feel about it.  All I know is that I will miss him dearly, and our family loved him so much.  I will never understand the loss of a loved one – but how can you ever understand it?

To Andy
I wonder where you went
on the day that you left us.
I never used to believe
that heaven existed.

But perhaps whatever watches us
alone in the night, as we weep
for your loss and the emptiness,
and this void in our hearts –

perhaps this thing, this
God, all-knowing, all-taking
being – maybe it took you.
For without you, it was empty too.

An artist, a soul searcher,
a thinker, a learner, a craftsman:
too beautiful for this earth
that God or “god” became greedy.

If I now believe in heaven,
I know it will be a more beautiful,
wonderful place now that
you grace its plane.

I think I have to believe
in something more than this Earth.
I need to hope that one day
we will see your face again.

"The Way to Heaven" by Wolf-Minori on deviantart.com

Poetry Thursday #79

Another break from the 30 Days of Honest Blogging posts.  Which is greatly needed, it’s very popular this year and very hard to keep up with!  It seems like everyone is having a great time though, so I can’t complain.  I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s answers today, and remember to check back tomorrow for my next answer.

And now with the poetry!  Hurray!

Deceptive Thoughts (and Nothing More)
Unfaithful by my thoughts;
a passing stranger
wetting my lips,
trembling my heart.
Thoughts of tender touches.
Thoughts – and nothing more.

Catching butterflies
in the knots in my stomach.
Breaking their wings –
no more fluttering flights
of frivolous fancies.
A girl’s crush is not love.

No more dreams of dark
mysteries in my mind.
Leave my heart, for
it was never yours to have.
Leave my mind, for
you and my heart deceive me.

There is only room for one
to grasp my hand,
to kiss my lips and
feel my hips beneath them.
There is only room for one
to occupy my heart.

"Desire" by BFKNKN on deviantart.com

Poetry Thursday #78

A little bit of a break from the 30 Days of Blogging Honesty and One Dare posts is in order – so I’m posting another poem I found in a random notebook of mine.  On another note, my mood is all over the place lately, and one weird thing is I’ve been craving a lot of sweets (which I rarely crave – usually I crave salty foods).  So I’m feeling a bit off today, feel like I need to rush around and do stuff but I don’t feel like doing anything I need to do.  Strang indeed!

Anyways, here’s my poem.  Remember to check back tomorrow for the next question for the 30 Days posts.

Buds forming on the trees,
the grass finding life again,
sunlight through the clouds –
blossoms of the spring.
A tulip pressed against my lips,
a gentle kiss and a silent wish.
Plucking petals one by one,
a young girl’s game
for a hopeful heart.
He loves me, he loves me not –
it seems I often sit
with my heart outstretched,
throwing petals into the wind.

"He Loves Me He Loves Me Not2" by Sweetsurrender13 on deviantart.com

Poetry Thursday #77

Before I show you guys my poem for this week, I wanted to announce that I will be participating in this years 30 Days of Blogging Honesty + One Dare.  I enjoyed the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty so much last year, that I thought it’d be good to participate again.  This will be starting on the 1st of April, so remember to check it out!

I have a little journal I keep with me in my purse for writing poems and thoughts down.  After neglecting my writing for a while, I picked it up and found an older poem that I thought would be nice to share.  Enjoy!

Breathing You
Sweet nothings echoing,
pulsing beats in my veins –
a certain strange, unfamiliar;
welcome, yet uninvited.
Could I stop my heart
from this rapid beat
by pure will alone?
Would I suffocate myself
to stop me, stifle me,
from breathing every breath
of you inside?
Would I let you go
forever –  to never want again?
Could I let you?

"Love" by Jan Pirnat aka janpirnatphoto on deviantart.com