Poetry Thursday #11

What a long week it’s been – but I’ve been trying to write on my down time I promise!  I know I know, like two people even read this, but I have to amuse them as well as the voices in my head!  Geeze! 

I honestly have no idea why I had an outburst like that.  The heat, the lack of sleep, and the worry of carpenter ants has invaded my mind and meddled with my already tampered-with sanity.  I’m doomed. 

Alas, some poems.  In honour of one of my favourite shows being completely finished, I’ve added an older poem which is about that particular show.  Hope you like what I have posted! 

This Poem Takes Place Between Stanza 1 and Stanza 4: Dedicated to Jack Bauer
My day begins
with you on my mind.
You are everything –
perfection of mankind. 

You are stronger
than any man alive.
Logically you should be dead,
I don’t know how you’ve survived. 

I don’t care what they say,
you are 20 times better than Chuck.
At least you don’t have an ugly
gingerkid beard – man what a schmuck. 

You are man of pure sex –
built upon wit, torture skills and power.
The man I admire with all my soul
goes by the name “Jack Bauer”. 

"Small Talk With Jack Bauer" by joshthecartoonguy on deviantart.com


Awkward Phone Call
A pain erupts in my chest,
heartache brews beneath my breast –
my love for you I confessed;
time apart you did suggest. 

This rejection I protest –
finding that I am obsessed
with my love – this eternal quest;
punished for what I expressed. 

A lover – no; a friend at best,
now I sit alone – depressed,
finding that I cannot rest.
Feeling more and more distressed. 

"The Breakup Call" by michyy on deviantart.com


Over a Cup of Coffee
Sip my coffee –
calm my soul.
Finding things
to make me whole.
Try to forget
my mistakes.
I am haunted,
and I am fake.
on the smell –
the darkest coffee
to forget my hell.
Drink my coffee,
awake my brain –
feel the brew
within my veins.
Give me courage
to put on my face,
be my only
warm embrace.
When I’m alone
it is there,
through the smiles
and despair.
When I seek
to find whats true,
I always turn
to my special brew. 

"Over My Cup of Coffee" by devilsmile on deviantart.com