Poetry Thursday #20

Hurray I actually was in the mood to write this week!  *Cheers from the audience* …Apparently today the voices in my head are louder; meh.  

Operation Pant Loss is coming along; I’ve had a bad couple of days, nothing too hard to handle; parents ordered pizza one night – and I tell you, Lugano’s Pizza in Burlington is by far the best pizza I’ve ever had, and I will not turn it down if offered to me.  Plus yesterday I was out all day with friends, ended up eating Chinese food at about 9pm (bad, bad, I know – nothing was open except for fast food – at least this way I got some vegetables).  But I have been exercising regularly, and have been conscious about what I’m eating!  I’m not doing as well as I could be [No, no, stop that, positive thinking!] So it’s not going bad at all!  Just need to keep at it! 

Anyways, two poems for this week, hope you enjoy!  Comment and let me know what you think!  I’m always open to constructive criticism.  

Don’t break my wings and then ask me to fly;
you force me down, but want me to reach the sky.
You tell me to speak but won’t let me reply –
don’t tell me you love but wish to see me cry.
Don’t force me to leave if you don’t want to say goodbye. 

"Let Me Go" by daimonia on deviantart.com


Rise of the Monster
In the darkness of my mind
there is a monster I keep confined.
Waiting behind its prison cell
until my defences it can quell –
then it and I will be combined.  

The darkness will take over me;
what once was whole will be debris.
Chaos will engulf my soul –
trying to fill what the monster stole.
All I am will cease to be.  

And if you look within my eyes
you can see beneath my guise;
The smile upon my face will show
the darkness hidden deep below.
This face of mine is filled with lies. 

"Monster" by GlitterShades on deviantart.com