Life Would Be Easier If…

Life has its very great days, as well its spectacularly shitty days.  My life of course follows this trend.  As I’m writing this, I’m having an amazing day more or less.  Yesterday could have been better, and the day before that was god-awful.  With some of the bull going on in my life, I started to think of what would make everything so much easier and less complicated.  Well, as for right now, life would be so much easier if I could read minds.

I’ve been stressed out, trying to see people in London that I met while I was in school.  Well, long story short apparently a good portion of those people don’t want to see me.  If I could have read their minds and found that out, it would have saved me so much fucking aggravation.  I’ve got friends who are upset with me, friends who won’t talk to me, and people who are acting weird around me.  As of right now, speculation has not been my friend.  Apparently my intuition is off – this isn’t good, because as a woman, I thrive off my intuition.  It’s always a battle of “what is she thinking?”, or “this guy interested?”, but never a clear answer.

Maybe mind-reading would be too much of a stretch, because I don’t really feel up to rolling around in radioactive waste right now, plus I may end up getting super strength or super speed instead of telepathy (which of course would be cool, but not really necessary in this situation).  Maybe it would be a little bit easier if people were just fucking honest for once.

So my message is: I’m not a damn mind reader.  If I upset you, please let me know!  Most likely I didn’t do it on purpose, or didn’t realize I was upsetting you that much.  But you can’t expect me to know there’s a problem if it’s not out in the open.  I can’t know if you don’t want me to come see you, or if you fucking hate me – the only way I can figure this out is if you stop being a two-faced asshole (I’m thinking about one person in particular, who I probably won’t ever see again).  Just tell me what’s on your mind if there’s an issue.  If you’re honest about it, most likely I’ll understand, and if I dont’ right away, well then I’ll learn.  What matters most to me is my friends, and if something isn’t working, you have to take some form of responsibility to fix it.  I’m definitely down to make things work, and fix an issue, but if I don’t realize that there is one, you can’t expect me to change or act differently or try harder.   This goes for good stuff too.  If you’re interested in me, or want to go on a date or something, let me know – I’m really oblivious to the advances of the opposite sex unless they’re being blatantly obvious.   

Life would be easier if I could read your mind – but I can’t, so make life a bit more tolerable and tell me when there’s a problem.  If you can’t do that, the responsibility is out of my hands. 

So to anyone out there who needs to say something to me, just say it, and make everyone’s life a lot fucking easier.  Love yah ;).

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