More 10 Favourite Youtube Videos

My never-ending frustrating state of boredom has caused me to start watching Youtube religiously again.  This made me remember my “Top 10 Favourite Youtube Videos” that I posted way back in February.  Looking at my extremely long list of favourites, I decided to make another Top 10 List of youtube videos.  Because honestly, new and great stuff will keep on coming, and my list is forever changing.  Hopefully I can share some videos that people have never seen, that make you laugh, or perhaps make you think I’m a complete loser.  Or if I’m lucky, all three.  Enjoy!

10. Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise, NielCicierega/PotterPuppetPals

Oh man, the first time I saw this I was probably in grade 11 or 12.  So yeah, a few years ago.  The first of the Potter Puppet Pals videos that I saw was the “Bothering Snape” video, and from there my friends and I were a bit obsessed.  I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and I just adore these parodies.  They create great twists for my favourite characters, and they are delightfully funny.  This one is by far my favourite, and I can bet that if you watch it, you’ll be singing ♫Snape, Snape, Severus Snape♫ in your head for the rest of the day.

9. If Movies Were Real, Smosh

I often have conversations like these with my friends, and I really enjoy how this showed that movies would never work if they were realistic.  It’s funny, it’s fresh, and my gosh, that tune they play between shots is freaking catchy.  They have a video game one as well that is just as funny (though if you’ve never played some of the games, you probably wont get all the jokes). 

8. ♫Perfect Bathroom Trip SONG♫, RhettandLink

This song really reminds me of a few people from the program I just graduated.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty clean person, I always make sure to wash my hands before touching food, when I’m done doing my business, if I sneeze/cough.  I think some people get a bit carried away though, and this song just made me laugh my ass off.  It’s creepy, it’s catchy, and it’s just really an epitome of the mindset of some paranoid people I know.  No wonder kids these days are allergic to anything – everything is ultra sanitized so the body can’t learn to defend itself from anything.  On another note, Rhett (the tall guy with the facial hair), is yummy.  Oh!  Totally check out another great video by them, it’s the T-Shirt War Music Video.  It’s really impressive, and very well done.

7. Night of the Living Douche, RandumbProd

If anyone watched any of the Stupid Mario Brothers videos from the video I posted last time, then you may recognize some of the actors.  It’s Dane’s channel (who plays Ash in SMB), and since they’re all friends, they all work together.  This again, made me think of some people I know.  I’m sure you’ve met someone out there, probably in high school or college, who dresses like this, acts like this, and is a complete douche bag.  I never understood why girls thought they were attractive, and this video makes a reference to that.  If this were a real movie, I would totally see it.  The other videos on their channel are so hilarious – and they are so refreshingly different.  I have a weird sence of humour, and these guys definitely do too, no wonder I love them.

6. Hot Kool Aid, juliansmith87

Julian Smith is one interesting character.  His videos are always a little surreal, a bit dark sometimes, and often uncomfortably hilarious.  These videos remind me of Kids in the Hall (did anyone in the states ever watch that?), but maybe Kids in the Hall on crack or something.  This video just made me and Ryan laugh our butts off, and I just had to share it.  Not sure if it’s for everyone, but it’s definitely my kind of weird humour. 

5. The 2-2 Blues, Brentalfloss

I actually had the pleasure to go see Brentalfloss with a few buddies of mine back in June or July I believe.  He’s a really nice guy and really funny, so that was a great experience for me.  He does a lot of video game songs – for example “What if Dr. Mario Had Lyrics?”.  If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the 2-2 Blues.  If anyone out there hasn’t played Super Mario Bros (which should be no one), 2nd world is the water world.  Anyways, the 2-2 Blues is a bit different than his other ones.  It’s kind of funny, but mostly it’s just a really nice version of the song, and I think he did an amazing job with it.

4. Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8, barelypolitical

I don’t watch all the other barelypolitical videos, but I love the Key of Awesome.  They do really funny parodies of a bunch of different artists, or things in the media.  Every week a new music video comes out, and they always put so much work into it.  This is one of my favourite ones (but it’s so hard to pick).  I really like the Dark Knight, and even though it’s a great movie, of course there are plot holes, and I’m not one of those people who get offended when someone makes fun of something I like.  Most likely I’ll join in too.  These videos are great and I really recommend checking the other ones ot.

3. TRAPPED IN A VLOG!, tobuscus/tobyturner

Ahh Toby Turner, one of my internet crushes.  Not ashamed to say it, he’s a deliciously good looking guy and he’s hilarious.  This is one of my favourite of his videos, but they’re all really great.  He’s also one of the few people on the internet where I can watch their vlogs and not get bored.  He just finds a way to make them entertaining, which is why I keep coming back to watch them.

2. Platoon of Power Squadron – Episode 1/Part 1, pineappleboyfilms

I posted the first episode and first part of the series, though all episodes and parts are great.  It’s about four roommates with super powers, and what can be more awesome than that?  They’re well written, and you can tell with each episode that a lot of work has been put into it.  I’m really excited for the fourth one to come out, which may be within the next few weeks if we’re lucky.  They’re not very long, so if you have less than an hour to kill, I’d really recommend watching all parts of this series.

1. Life Off & Netti Pots, wheezywaiter

I couldn’t pick just one video of Wheezywaiter’s.  They are all hilarious.  There was about a month in the summer before I moved home when I had absolutely nothing to do because I didn’t have cable anymore, I was done my placement, all my movies were packed and all my friends were busy or being flakey (things never change eh?  oh wells).  I spent that month watching all of his videos.  That doesn’t sound like much, but look at his channel, he’s got 384 videos as of today.  I was very entertained.  These two are a bit older, but they’re still hilarious.  I just love how many inside jokes he’s accumulated – whether it be his sky bank, his whale tank, his clones, the coffee, eating beards, Michael Phelps, his drunken swearing mother, Ty the Regular guy, his though microphone, the handstands or the ability to time travel – they’re all hilarious.  Watch a few and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I’m proud to say that I’m a beard lover.