Top 15 Favourite Famous Manly Eye Candy

Before I begin my post, just wanted to let you guys know I finished a book on my Book Bucket List!  Hurray!  Here’s my quick review:
I Drink For a Reason – David Cross.  Finished: January 15, 2011.  Rating: 4/5
I thoroughly enjoyed this book – it was funny, and also at moments extremely smart.  I’m a huge fan of David Cross so it doesn’t surprise me that I enjoyed it so much.  It was slightly random, but in an awesome way – it was definitely my style of humour, a combination of silliness, wit, and sarcasm that David Cross does so well.  If you’re not a fan of his standup, you may not be a fan of this book, just as a forewarning.

Recently I was tagged in a note on Facebook in which the subject matter was 15 “walking temptations”.  After I picked myself off the floor (from which I slipped on from my own drool), I thought that instead of making a note on Facebook, I’d share my favourite 15 men to stare at.  Why?  Well, for starters I wanted a valid excuse to look at pictures of attracted men.  I also thought, “Well, it’s ok for men to ogle women, I think I’m entitled to some ogling action once in a while”.  And it’s not like I endeavour to meet a man like any of these (because a. that is not going to happen and b. just because a man looks nice, doesn’t mean he is nice, so it’s always good to go for personality and heart not looks!). Most people have celebrity crushes or fantasies, and these are my (current) top 15.  Remember, this is my list, so even if you think “Cherlyn, what on earth are you thinking?”, I don’t care, I likes em!  Also, I’m only including famous actors, though there are a few internet “celebrities” out there that I think are rather cute!  Oh, and for anyone weirded out, meh, it’s my blog, deal with it 😛

15. Bruce Boxleitner
It felt wrong having a list about my celebrity crushes without having him on it.  He plays one of my favourite characters from a TV series, and honestly, I have a thing for older men.  He’s such a dreamy silver fox.

14. Will Smith
I’ve always had a little crush on Will Smith – who isn’t attracted to a funny, charming guy with yummy arms? 

13. James Marsden
To me, he always plays such a sweet character in his films, and he just comes off as really sincere and charming.  Plus, I’ve always had a thing for underdogs, and he often plays characters that don’t get the girl, or who get shafted and the what not.  It’s because of this that I hate the film the Notebook (among other reasons).  Seriously, if I was the main girl in the film, I would not have picked Ryan Gosling’s character over his. 

12. Gerard Butler
THIS…IS…SCRUMPTIOUS!  Sorry, had to throw in a 300 bit into this, it’s like a requirement or something.  For anyone who hasn’t seen 300, I typed “Gerard Butler 300” in google image search, and below is why so many girls like this movie.  Plus, I love a man with a beard.

11. Sean Bean
Yeah, it’s not typical for a girl to have Boromir on her list, considering how many nice looking men are in the Lord of the Rings series.  However, Sean Bean, or Beanomir as I call him, is a really manly, ruggedly handsome type of guy.  He’s not “Hollywood Pretty”, as in he doesn’t look like a girl.  He definitely comes across as being a man’s man.

10. Hugh Jackman
Do you gotta ask?  He’s Wolverine!  He can sing, he’s Australian, he’s awesome.  ‘Nuff said.

9. Antonio Banderas
He definitely plays the mysterious type well, and it just makes him so intriguing and way more attractive.  The amazing accent definitely helps.

8. Anthony Stewart Head
Ah, it’s probably quite obvious that I’ve been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Like I said, I find older men attractive.  He’s handsome in a much more defined, wise sort of way.  Plus, he’s English, so yeah, that helps.

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I used to have a huge crush on him when I was younger and watched 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Then I’m not sure what happened, I suppose he wasn’t in as many movies that I watched or what, but I did kind of forget about him.  However, Inception joggled my memory as to why I thought he was so cute.  He’s kind of got that quasi nerdy thing going for him, that just makes him seem more real.  Plus, he’s so darn cute!

6. Ryan Reynolds
Well – first off, I think it’s like in his contract or something to have to be shirtless in every movie he’s in.  seriously, in Amityville Horror he’s shirtless for a good portion of the film, at least 1/3, if not a whole half of the film.  He’s got abs you can grate cheese on.  And that just comes in handy if you need grated cheese. 

5. Nathan Fillion
Another “man’s man” as I like to say.  This guy has arms that make my draw drop, and a butt that could kill. I don’t know what it could kill, but I’m sure it could do it if it wanted to.  Plus, he’s Captain Hammer.  And for any Dr. Horrible fans, we all know what the hammer is.

4. James Marsters
He really has that chiseled face that is just really unique and different from most Hollywood types, it makes it so much more memorable.  Plus he can pull off the bad ass thing really well, and the English accent he does for Buffy is amazing – I didn’t even know he wasn’t English until I saw an interview with him.

3. Keanu Reeves
This is my oldest celebrity crush, and to be honest I think it’s because my parents have so many of his movies.  To me he isn’t the typical hollywood attractive, he’s kind of a regular guy.  But that’s not to say “regular guys” can’t be attractive, they can be delicious too.  He just has that “real” look, if that makes any sense.  He doesn’t seem plastic or one of those types of cocky asshole pretty boy types – he looks like that once in a lifetime guy you see when you’re getting a coffee, and you make small talk with while you make your coffee, and then he leaves and you think “man that guy was fucking gorgeous” and you never see him again.  Yeah, I thought about that way too hard.

2. Kiefer Sutherland
Yeah, I know, I know, Kiefer has his problems.  But you know what?  I don’t care, it’s a well-known fact that girls tend to like bad boys.  Not that I think Kiefer is a jerk or anything, from what I’ve read he sounds like he’s really nice to people (you know, when he’s not headbutting them and stuff).  But he just has an edge that is just so appealing.  Plus he played Jack Bauer – so if I didn’t put him on my list, I’d probably be tortured for it or something.

1. Ewan McGregor