30 Days of Blogging Honesty + 1 Dare – The Dare

All right, all right, I know – it’s way past the cut off for the dare.  Since I’m ending this extended month of honesty, I might as well be honest: I forgot to do a dare.  I had started writing a letter to my 16 year old self after I realized I forgot my dare, and ended up not liking it, and thought it was kind of too easy.  And then as the days went on, school started again, I really didn’t want to do a dare.  Whenever I played truth or dare with my friends back-in-the-day, I almost always picked truth because I really don’t like doing dares.  I don’t like feeling obligated to do something I normally would never do, and I don’t like being pressured into doing something like that.  So, yeah, I put it off because I don’t like dares, and it’s probably the one thing of this meme I didn’t want to do.

I ended up doing the category: Blushing.  The Dare entails: Spend an hour by yourself totally naked even if there are other people in the house but only if you won’t get caught. If you get interrupted you must start over and reset the clock to zero minutes.

I actually did this one twice, although technically the second time doesn’t count.  It was surprisingly easy – my parents don’t come bother me while I’m upstairs much, so I ended up just sitting in my room watching X-Files.  Pretty easy actually.  I got cold and put my jammies on though after about an hour and a half.

The second time doesn’t really count because I suppose technically I got “caught”.  I say technically because my interpretation of the dare was to be alone and naked.  Well, lets just say I spent amount of time naked with my boyfriend.  Good times, good times.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 30 Days,  I know near the end it was hard for all of us to visit eachother’s blogs.  But this year was a great turn out and it was really great getting to know everyone!