Forlornness – Collaboration with Broken Sparkles

This has been a long time coming – a collaboration with Blaga from Broken Sparkles, who is absolutely one of the best poets and writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and working with.  Not only that, she’s amazingly sweet and kindhearted, so it’s always a pleasure to talk to her.  It was a great experience to work on this poem with her, and I hope that in the future we’ll get to work on a collaboration again. 

So this is what we came up with, and I think the root of this poem is something a lot of people can relate to.  Enjoy!

By Blaga Todorova and Cherlyn Cochrane
You’re leaving again –
where to this time?
Sahara or Sinai?
Lost, buried within the dunes,
expecting your tormented ego
to blend with the rays of wild sun.

Your tortured soul belongs
to the Egyptian ruins;
you find comfort in the lonely winds
chasing mirages,
desolating the desert,
with beige ashes as your company.

Go! Don’t turn back to see me
trembling in the reflection
of your empty eyes.
Find your way to a hasty escape
in mysterious lands faraway.
Go! And don’t expect atonement…

Crumble away, become forgotten –
lost in the sands of time
like your precious Pyramids.
Leave again – and soon too
this heartache burning inside
will be but an ancient memory.

"E X S I L I U M" by Yasna Sepulveda aka Yasny-chan on