Family Day For A Dysfunctional Family

I was working on a Top 10 Post for today, but I’ve been inspired to write this instead, and will have the Top 10 go up later this week.

If you’re Canadian, and from Ontario, Manitoba, PEI, Alberta or Saskatchewan, then you have this statutory holiday called Family Day (if you’re from Manitoba or PEI it’s either Louis Riel Day or Islander Day).  It works differently in every province that has it, but in Ontario it’s a Stat Holiday.  And I think it’s stupid, so absolutely stupid.

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate spending extended time with my family.  Don’t get me wrong, I do adore my family.  But man, some days, all I want to do is kick them in the face.  There are of the times when I get along with my family, and there are times when I don’t at all.  And I don’t even see most of my family, mostly it’s just my parents.  My parents are great people, they’ve done so much for me.  But, my parents are set in their ways.  My father has a problem being told he’s wrong, even if you’re not explicitly saying he’s wrong, even if he is wrong, or even when it’s something no normal human being would be upset about.  I get a lot of my anger from my father, who is swift to it, so obviously we bash heads from time to time.  And though I love him, I don’t want to spend my day off (that I get paid for), with him.  My mother and I get along much better, but we annoy each other because we’re so much alike.  She forgets things I tell her, and though I feel bad because a lot of stuff is going on, her and I still get under each other’s skins.  So I’d rather not spend today with her.  And to be honest, I’m sure they feel the same way about me.

Don’t think this is a “I’m bashing my parent’s” post, because these are things I’ve told them, and have no issue saying to their face.  We have our problems like everyone else.  And it’s not that other people in my family don’t piss me off, it’s just that I have a decent dialogue with my parents, so it’s easy to use them as an example.  Plus I see them all the time, it’s easier to find things to nitpick about. 

the-snuggie-for-those-people-that-cant-figure-out-blankets-s-demotivational-poster-1260103205But why do I think this Stat Holiday is annoying?  Because it bothers me to see people enjoying it.  I resent people who like to spend a lot of time with their family, their “normal, happy”, families.  Families who don’t have drama, who don’t have people getting mad at the most insane, dumb things ever, families not consisting of alcoholics, families who have game night, or eat dinner at the dinner table.  Families who don’t have deadbeats, or brats, or psychos.  These type of families annoy me.  People should never be this happy with their families.  To me, my family are the people that are so completely fucked up that it makes me want to do everything I can to not be like any single one of them.  They are the same people who accept me for who I am, even if I’m just as annoying to them as they are to me.  And despite the fact that they’re psychotic, I accept them for it.  I just hate seeing people who’s families are so dull and bland, families that wear snuggies together and go camping, families that are so painfully uninteresting and normal.

To me, this Stat Holiday should be about doing something for yourself.  Fuck, I see my family enough, I’m spending today trying to ignore them.  That’s the best type of Holiday.  I’ll spend Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family, because it’s tradition and for those holiday’s, we all mellow out and actually get along.  For the rest of the 362 days of the year, we’re freaking crazy and dysfunctional like all the real normal families out there.  So for this one holiday, I’m going to go sit in my room, watch a bad movie, play a video game, hang out with Ryan, get a coffee, and ignore my family. 

That’s what Family Day should really be about for the regular dysfunctional family – being away from your family.