Poetry Thursday #76

Absenteeism isn’t something I’m proud of – I don’t like missing things that are important.  So I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger.  Things to write about aren’t coming easy to me lately, and I’ve been finding my writer’s block to be more self-inflicted if anything.  Sometimes it’s hard to express myself.  Here’s a poem I wrote, that sort of expresses how I feel, but it took me a long time to write something that’s only mediocre.  Oh well, it’s better to share something than never anything again.

The Dress
A sleek blue dress on show
through the window sill,
gazing into a world
I have never known.

Beautiful, confident, sexy –
framed so petite and girly,
made for all those people
I could never be.

Fallen shoulders, a defeated sigh,
I gaze, longing behind the glass
at the beauty I can’t have.
It isn’t carried in my size.

"Favorite Store" by Kelly Reynolds aka Kelsocur on deviantart.com