About Me

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!

Well for anyone who has visited this page before, they’re probably a bit confused as to where my information went – I’ve decided to remove more of my personal information from my blog and keep myself at a distance.  Sure, my name has already been seen around the interwebs, and is around on other blogs, but what’s done is done – time to move on.

So, for those who don’t know me, you can call me Cheryl C. if you’d like.  If you figure out who I am (not like I’m hiding that hard), well gold star for searching through my older posts that I probably forgot about and giving me some more views – thanks!


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Happy Birthday Cherlyn! I apologize that I am late with the wishes. I hope you had a wonderful day and I will do my best to remember next year — but don’t count on it! Love Tom

  2. If you are going to take up the keyboard with the purpose in mind to write and you are not opionated, then just don’t bother to write at all.

    If you have never written or said anything that didn’t piss someone off, then you haven’t written or said anything worth repeating.

    Keep pounding those keys!!


  3. hey cherlyn its uncle ed and sandi we have been looking for you on facebook but you must have the searches blocked we cant find you!!!!i want to send you some pics so can you please add me sandra fletcher-lalone and can you tell your mom and dad thanks for the awesome supper! hope to do it again sometime ok ttyl xo

  4. I love your blog, I know it took me awhile to read it! I also love your old name idea that would have been funny sorta like a modern “shut up and listen” (oh princess diaries, you complete me)

  5. Love the blog, its look reals good, and professional!!!!!! I remember watching that comedy thing with you and forgot how funny it was, lmao…but yeah it looks amazing hun, good on you!!!

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