It Has Been a Long Time

So, how’s it going?

I had a lot of plans today to write a long-winded, probably pretentious post about what’s been going on with me and my life.

First problem: the hydro for my building is supposed to be off for the day.  So I packed my bag and laptop and headed downtown to get my post done.

Second problem: my laptop is inexplicably not working. Great. So here I am writing this post on my phone, and I have decided to make this post exceptionally shorter than originally planned.

Since my last post, I have graduated (yay!); been single, taken, dumped, single, and actively dating (or trying to) in the span of 6 months, and job hunting.  I have lost 25 (ish) pounds since I started trying to lose weight in December,  and I am determined to keep trying despite the summer’s demand for alcohol and goodies.

I have been meaning to write, even if only for myself, but life has a funny way of sucking the creativity out of me. After the passing of my uncle and my break up last summer I focused on school, neglecting my friends. Once fall came, school was more demanding than before and I spent most of my free time studying and working.  I studied so much, my best friend even had test nightmares. But eventually I managed to finish school (with honors, yo), and have been making a big effort to spend time with my family and friends.

Dating has been the expected disappointment that it usually is, and have decided this shall be my pre-Mark D’Arcy Bridget Jones summer. I want to find a job I am passionate about, focus on my health and happiness, and part of that is focusing on hobbies and interests I have neglected.

I have lost some friends along my way (both online and in real life), but I hope to make it up to those who stuck around  and to any new people who come into my life.

So, here’s to new beginnings!


I’m all around on the interests, find me on instagram – username is cursemymetalbody.


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