Poetry Thursday #81

Sometimes when I’m cleaning out my purse I find used napkins, wrappers, hair clips, and other strange oddities floating about.  One thing I find is crinkled paper with a half-written poem.  I also find these half-finished thoughts scattered about my room, stuffed into journals or binders, or buried in my closet.  I was cleaning my room this week and I found one that I’m guessing is at least a few years old.  I finished it and tweaked it, and thought I’d share it with everyone.  Enjoy!

Note: The majority of this poem was written at least a year ago – I can tell by the weird fancy paper I wrote it on (used it up last year), this is in no relation to anyone or thing now.  However, I did add a few things that felt like it would improve the poem.

The Silent Battle Between Stubborn Friends
Watching you, watching me –
I see in your eyes
that anger, betrayal, that you
see reflected back from mine.

Smiling like it means nothing,
laughing like we don’t care.
But inside thunder is brewing,
waiting for the calm to cease.

I have been your shoulder,
for all those silly woes
and tears you like to shed
over senseless, stale stories.

I asked for understanding,
a small gift for a friend –
which was too big a gift
for the center of the universe.

Now we both stand cold,
frigid as our stubbornness –
unrelenting like a bitter,
long, unforgiving winter.

My shoulder will no longer
absorb your tears and sadness;
For now, I shall comfort my own
senseless, stories of sorrow.

"Wilted" by Tom Head aka 326159487z on deviantart.com


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #81

  1. A lovely poem. I can attest to those very same feelings and you made them fresh again in my memory. Not a bad thing though. Sometimes we just have to think of ourselves every once and again.

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