30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 19

“The film that best describe how my day-to-day life feels is…”

You know when I thought of this question, I totally had an answer.  But, it figures that because it’s taken me so long to get to each question, I forgot it.

I don’t think my life is just one film – some days feel different from other days.  But one film that makes me think of my life is Parenthood starring Steve Martin.  No, I’m not a parent, but how this family interacts really reminds me of my own family.

Lately, I feel like my life is like Napoleon Dynamite though.  I feel awkward, out-of-place, but trying to do my own thing.  People don’t understand me, and the ones that do may be just a bit out-of-place too.  Yesterday at work a woman yelled at me, called me pathetic, and that she felt sorry for me.  I feel like Napoleon because people are sometimes just assholes in my life and that’s just that.  I guess my day-to-day life feels like this film because I really enjoy it and I very much enjoy my life – but at the same time, like Napoleon, I feel like a bit of an outsider, even within my group of peers.

Napoleon and I are in essence lone wolves trying to be part of a pack of coyotes – we’re woyotes, with total skills in magic.

And I guess like Napoleon, I’m gonna keep doing whatever I friggen wanna do – GOSH!

The most up to date list available of participants: Nicole, Last Civilized Woman, Bannatreasures, Sajeev, Happyhippierose, Aurathena, Melanie, Marliz3e, TheFerkel, Prysmatique, AnonymousBurn, Caroline, Koi, Sylvia Garza, Mariana, Nenskei, MyNakedBokkie, Bluefiadiarries, VeehCirra, Princesa Musang, DLonelyStar, LJ, Terriblethinker, Sleep and Salami, Primadonna Zel, and Tom Baker. NSFW Sites: Everything Love & Lust, TemptingSweets99, Sofia.


8 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 19

  1. I love Napoleon Dynamite. 🙂

    People who are hurtful to others that they don’t know are the ones that are pathetic and losers. Glad you were able to move on.

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