30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 16

“I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one celebrity.  I would bring back ____________ because…”

With all that’s going on with my family, I wish I could bring back someone who wasn’t a celebrity.  However, I’ll stay true to the question.

There’s quite a few celebrities who have passed away that I’d bring back.  I suppose I’d bring back either Chris Farley or Phil Hartman, because both were amazing comedians who passed well before their time.  I’m also a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, but the older stuff, like early 90s and before.  But my favourite cast was when Chris and Phil were both present (so from 1990-1995ish).  I love Chris Farley’s in your face humour, he really mastered physical comedy – if you haven’t seen him in SNL or films like Tommy Boy, you’re really missing out.  I love Phil Hartman because he could keep a straight face while playing such outrageous characters, and just had a quirk that made him so funny to watch.  He was a big part of my childhood, because he was a regular voice on the Simpsons before he passed.

If I could bring either back, I think I’d be doing the world of comedy a favour.

There are very few full Phil Hartman sketches online to share, but here are a few bloopers:

And here’s a video that most people have probably seen of Chris Farley on SNL, which is one of his more popular sketches – again, not my personal favourite, but there’s few good clips online (damn you copyright!):

The most up to date list available of participants: Nicole, Last Civilized Woman, Bannatreasures, Sajeev, Happyhippierose, Aurathena, Melanie, Marliz3e, TheFerkel, Prysmatique, AnonymousBurn, Caroline, Koi, Sylvia Garza, Mariana, Nenskei, MyNakedBokkie, Bluefiadiarries, VeehCirra, Princesa Musang, DLonelyStar, LJ, Terriblethinker, Sleep and Salami, Primadonna Zel, and Tom Baker. NSFW Sites: Everything Love & Lust, TemptingSweets99, Sofia.


16 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 16

  1. Oh darn, I’d never heard of either of them until I read your post, but then I went back and recognized Chris Farley for SNL and watched a bunch of both of their youtube videos to procrastinate homework and I can now completely understand your choice <

  2. Great choices. I was devastated when I learned about Phil Hartman…just devastated. Your answer got me thinking – if we could resurrect would they be cured because Richard Pryor would be great, too, only without MS this time.

  3. Phil Hartman was so subtly funny with his straight face. He was amazing and I was so hurt when he was murdered. I think I hated his wife for a while.No doubt he was funny in everything he did but I really liked him in Jingle All The Way! Thanks for the video. I really laughed when the woman could not get in the door! Nice to see first thing in the morning.

        • It’s just a god-awful movie, it is so bad it physically makes me uncomfortable to watch it lol. By the way, are you finding wordpress is being all weird? I’m trying to preview a post and it shows me a blank page for some reason

        • No, but if you have been logged into WordPress for months without clearing your cache or deleting your temporary internet files and cookies, I know things like that have happened to me in the past. After contacting support they told me to clear everything and it was fixed. I hate clearing cookies because I have to log into everything again and I have so many different passwords. Thank God Firefox remembers them for me.

          Try that and see if it works for ya.

        • If I do that I lose game data from websites I use. So I can’t really do that. Oh well, I guess I’ll just hope the post tomorrow looks ok. It’s really weird because I can’t view my homepage either.

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