Poetry Thursday #79

Another break from the 30 Days of Honest Blogging posts.  Which is greatly needed, it’s very popular this year and very hard to keep up with!  It seems like everyone is having a great time though, so I can’t complain.  I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s answers today, and remember to check back tomorrow for my next answer.

And now with the poetry!  Hurray!

Deceptive Thoughts (and Nothing More)
Unfaithful by my thoughts;
a passing stranger
wetting my lips,
trembling my heart.
Thoughts of tender touches.
Thoughts – and nothing more.

Catching butterflies
in the knots in my stomach.
Breaking their wings –
no more fluttering flights
of frivolous fancies.
A girl’s crush is not love.

No more dreams of dark
mysteries in my mind.
Leave my heart, for
it was never yours to have.
Leave my mind, for
you and my heart deceive me.

There is only room for one
to grasp my hand,
to kiss my lips and
feel my hips beneath them.
There is only room for one
to occupy my heart.

"Desire" by BFKNKN on deviantart.com


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