30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 06

“My worst cooking disaster involved ___________________ and this person/these people…”

Before I answer, I wanted to announce that today on Tom Baker’s blog Morning Erection, there’s a blog post I’ve written a guest blog post! Check it out here!

I went to school for Culinary Management, so suffice it to say I’ve had a lot of cooking experiences – including my fair share of cooking disasters.

One in particular happened during my first semester of my first year, it was our exam for one of our lab classes.  We were making Cornish hens, but I can’t recall what else we were preparing.  I was flustered, I was nervous, and we were all running out of time.  Why this was a disaster is because when my friend and I were checking our hens for the temperature, someone came up behind us, bumped into us and thus caused the door to start shutting on us.  Both of our hens were on the bottom rack, so when we got bumped our arms lifted a bit and touched the metal rack of the top rack.  We were cooking at like 400 degrees or something, and lets just say that’s the worst burn I’ve ever had.  We had to go get some first aid, and missed a lot of time on our lab.  I was so flustered afterwards and short for time I ended up forgetting to remove the ribcage from my hen during presentation and everything else was just slapped together.

I also had an incident during my second year bake lab.  My lab was at 7 am on a Friday, so it sucked just on principle alone.  But the night before we had our graduation dinner, and of course we all went out for drinks.  Well, there was about 5 of us who showed up to that lab, and about 3 of us were still drunk from the night before (myself included).  All we were doing (or at least all I remember having to do) was decorate a cake we made before with fondant as well as piped icing.  I’m gonna say right now, this was by far the ugliest cake I’ve ever made.  My teacher felt so bad for us, she bought an entire carafe of coffee for us.  I remember distinctly writing on my cake “Fugly Cake Extraordinaire”.  So that was quite disastrous.

I wanted to add that I’m sorry for my blank post this morning – I was having trouble with WordPress the other day and I had to do some cut and pasting this morning.  Also, this weekend will be a busy-busy one for me, and I’m already a bit behind on some posts.  So if I don’t comment, I am truly sorry, I’ll try my best.  I’ll definitely read all the answers for the previous days and upcoming weekend answers.  Happy Honesty Blogging and Happy Easter! 

Image courtesy of "Cake Wrecks" - a really hilarious blog, check it out!

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15 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 06

  1. I cook very good/ so people say :)/ but I’ve had accidents too, first major one to remember, I was in a hurry to go to a date and I had friends over at my place and I had to cook something, so spagetti was the fastest choice. I didn’t wait the water to boil properly and I threw the spagetti in, so my friends had kind of wooden spagetti with tomato sause 🙂 Second big disaster, making a chocolate mousse, adding the Grand marnier didn’t come that well and I had to throw it all away, I ended up with hands hurting from the mixing and no chocolate delight 🙂

  2. This is really interesting! I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school so I want to learn more about it!. I think I might take some cooking classes over the summer..
    That burn sounds really terrible, glad you were ok!
    That picture of the cake is making me really hungry, I think I’m about done with this comment now haha

  3. The fugly Cake Extraordinaire story is too funny. At least you know the rules of cooking and can tell when you are breaking them. In my cooking disasters, I am always left wondering what happened.

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