30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 02

“Not including food, blogging, or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate) is…”

Now, people who include food/blogging/television (and yes chocolate too) as a guilty pleasure obviously does not understand what a guilty pleasure is.  A guilty pleasure is something you really enjoy but are ashamed of.

Mine – oh it’s a bad one for sure.  My guilty pleasure is reading fan fiction.

What about it do I enjoy?  Mostly the absurdity of it.  I go on, finding a fan fic based on a favourite movie or book or television show, and find the most outrageous, poorly written, obscene story I can find and get a really good laugh out of it.  It’s like my fascination with bad movies – sometimes it’s just hard to look away.

What’s even more enjoyable about reading fan fiction is that once in a while I stumble upon something that is actually well written, and the story is engaging and the representation of the characters is done really well.  Usually the ones I read are romantic, based on canon pairings (canon meaning it follows the actual storyline/story arc from the work it was based on) or a few non-canon pairings.  I don’t really like romantic films, or even romance novels, but something about romantic fan fiction brings out the squealing fan-girl in me. 

Oh, and fan art also loosely ties in with this guilty pleasure.  It’s always fun for a laugh!

Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit that a 23-year-old reads fan fiction on occasion, but that’s ok, it’s my guilty pleasure.

"HP7 SW Crossover Spoilers" by Elocinaqui on deviantart.com


28 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Honesty (+1 Dare) – Day 02

  1. my guilty pleasure wasn’t something I feel ashamed of..but I guess, I can say I am ashamed of the amount of money I use for it hahah so, does that fall right into the category?

    Fan-Fic -i love it! hahah I’m 31 btw…so, that makes it weirder for me…I even am on Goodreads and participate in FANFIC stories…adding my own two cents and a barrel of laugh at the worse ones…

    I think we should revel in the fact that we appreciate all forms of expression and art! hahaha ^_^

  2. I too love doing this. reading fan fiction. In a few cases, i like it. But in some, i cannot. Having said that, i think, it gives an insight into the sort of effect a piece of literature or prose or poetry or anything creative can produce on the viewer/observor. Interesting..

    • Oh absolutely, which is why creativity especially writing is so amazing – it takes us into new worlds as well as allows us to go deeper inside ourselves.

      • yea..and it is very interesting to read other views/other behaviour of the characters we read. for e.g. there have been many fan sequels of Pride and Prejudice. I still have not explored because i don’t dare to see how my favorite characters have been treated. however, in time i will take a leap of faith and see..

  3. That really takes me back. 🙂
    I remember I used to write fan fiction extensively when I was in junior high. I would write about everything from Harry Potter to Hey Arnold to really bad Pokemon fan fics.
    I’m not sure though if anything I wrote was ever that good or even that creative. I probably wrote almost exclusively in cliches.
    Hahah 🙂

    • Haha I think I wrote a Harry Potter one once. And you know, sometimes that’s the best way to get the creative juices flowing – I dont write it anymore, but I’m glad I at least wrote something back then.

  4. *sigh* That’s my problem. I’m unashamed of anything I do. I love fanfic and used to write it a long time ago. How fun! See… I wasn’t ashamed back then, either. 😀

  5. The squealing fan-girl in you? That might be fun to hear! It doesn’t surprise me that you are into fan fiction but pray tell why is it a guilty pleasure when I don’t see why you are ashamed of it? Millions of people are into it. Is it something you did not think you would be into?

    He ends the comment singing “Getting To Know You”!

  6. I’d love to know what fanfic you read. I could totally get into this! I love the worlds created by my favorite books, movies, and shows!

    • I read a variety – usually the ones that have a lot of different fics written like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dragonball Z, but sometimes I lean into my faves like Chrono Trigger

  7. this question is really fun because it reveals something quirky about the blogger, don’t you think? i’m alright with you liking fan fiction as long as it pleases you. i like that little comic at the bottom of the post btw. cheers!

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