Poetry Thursday #77

Before I show you guys my poem for this week, I wanted to announce that I will be participating in this years 30 Days of Blogging Honesty + One Dare.  I enjoyed the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty so much last year, that I thought it’d be good to participate again.  This will be starting on the 1st of April, so remember to check it out!

I have a little journal I keep with me in my purse for writing poems and thoughts down.  After neglecting my writing for a while, I picked it up and found an older poem that I thought would be nice to share.  Enjoy!

Breathing You
Sweet nothings echoing,
pulsing beats in my veins –
a certain strange, unfamiliar;
welcome, yet uninvited.
Could I stop my heart
from this rapid beat
by pure will alone?
Would I suffocate myself
to stop me, stifle me,
from breathing every breath
of you inside?
Would I let you go
forever –  to never want again?
Could I let you?

"Love" by Jan Pirnat aka janpirnatphoto on deviantart.com


6 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #77

  1. I looked at your UGG boots photo and sat here smug in the knowledge I don’t own a pair…but something about them looked familiar and well, awfully comfortable. I crossed my legs and a flash of suede and sheepwool caught my eye. Then it hit me, OMG, my sheep skin slippers, those wonderfully warm, roomy comfort-food for feet, worn in the house and occasionally across the garden or down the drive to the mailbox, look like the slipper version or cousin of UGG boots. So I have renamed my slippers with the first thing that came out of my mouth: UGH boots.

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