Poetry Thursday #74

Long time, no see everyone.  Reclaiming my life is taking its sweet ass time, but I suppose slow progress is better than no progress.  Anyways, here’s a poem for once!  This is also my entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 60.

Ripples & the Anchor
Lurking beneath my waters, still
below the trenches, an echo
beating against crumbling walls. A
name – buried but not forgotten.

Still waters ripple; tiny drops
of chaos against calm waters –
disturbing the tranquility
of a heart finally at peace

Murmurs of that name, whispers in the
distance – stray thoughts of the wicked,
and dreams of those forgotten seas;
a heart guilty of straying thoughts.

I have no faith, but yet I pray
for this anchor to hold me down,
stop me seeking those perfect storms
that both thrill and destroy my heart.

“Ripples” by Sean Gwizdak aka sgwizdak on deviantart.com

 Many thousand thanks
for the honour – for the love
beating in my heart. 

I nominate “Mr. Visionary” from the blog Altered Reality :).

15 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #74

  1. I read this poem a while ago on your phone when we were getting coffee – and I absolutely loved it! It is such a sober poem – and I love that it is hard to know what exactly your are talking about through the words – the inspiration behind the poem that is. It is just breathtaking how beautiful your words are – they are so moving – I am so happy your won an award for this poem, it is very much deserved! I am so lucky to know such a talented writer as yourself!

  2. I think this is officially my favorite from you! I don’t know if I got the meaning right, but those perfect storms … I love them, yet, I’m holding the anchor even in my dreams to avoid them …

  3. A beautiful write. I love the dependence the mighty ship has on the tiny anchor to keep it from venturing. But to that I’d like to add that the ship, in the dock, maybe safe but its purpose is to sail into the sea..!!

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