Poetry Thursday #73

December has not been my month at all.  With the extra stress of Christmas, I’ve been working more, and have just been so exhausted.  And now there’s a bit of a family crisis, I just have not felt inspired to write anything at all.  But I do apologize, I make promises to write more and to read other blogs more, and I have not fulfilled those promises.  So for that, I am sincerely sorry.  I also feel bad that I haven’t contributed to Flavor Internationale, a blog I have agreed to write for.  I still plan on writing for it, and I’m really excited to do so, but I haven’t been able to – so again, I am sorry.

With that, I do have one poem I’d like to share this week.  I’m not overly impressed with it, but I haven’t shared anything in a while so I thought this would suffice.  I usually participate in the Thursday Poets Rally, but I know that if I did I wouldn’t have the time to read all the amazing work being shared this week.  So perhaps next time!  I was nominated for an award for my last entry, so thank you – you can check out the post here as well as my acceptance: You’ve Taken My Voice.

Now on with my poem!

Three Words
Heavy words fall on quivering lips.
The weight of those words
met with knots in my stomach.

They push upon my heart,
each aorta struggling
to find its regular rhythm.

These words are dangerous;
they tear through my body,
desperately wanting to be heard.

These words are coated in fear –
fear those three words won’t
be echoed back from your lips.

"I'm Afraid To Love You" by Marta aka fantasmagoryczny on deviantart.com


7 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #73

  1. You really capture universal feelings in your poems – where anyone can understand the emotion or the fear or the longing you write about – it is a truly wonderful gift you have, of writing how you feel and making it accessible to some many other people. ❤

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