Community Networking Meme 2011

Welcome to the Second Annual Community Networking Meme!  If you’re unsure of what this is, I recommend you check out Tom Baker’s blog, Morning Erection, for a complete list of details.  To sum up, a list of bloggers participating have posted this blog at the same exact time around the world, answering the following questions.  At the end of my questions, I have a list of the other bloggers participating.  Enjoy!

1. As a blogger, what do you draw inspirations from for your posts?

For the most part, my inspirations come from my emotions and experiences from my every day life – especially when it comes to my poetry.  If I’m writing a post like a top ten list, I usually just go with what I know, no real inspiration necessary.  This is probably why I’ve been lacking in posts lately, with working split shifts and extra hours, all I know is work, and all I feel is tired.  There’s only so many poems you can write about being tired!
2. If you could swap blogs with another blogger for a post, who would you switch with and why?

There’s so many blogs I’d love to switch with!  Of course it’d be fun to switch with Broken Sparkles because we both have different styles of poetry, it’d be fun to see what we’d share on each other’s blogs.  Maybe Morning Erection so I could make Tom write poetry again.  But I think one I think would be a lot of fun would be to swap with Nerds of the Round Table.  I love the stuff they write about (being a nerd myself), and I think I’d have fun writing a post for them.

3. If your blog had a theme song, what would it be? Why?

I had such a hard time with this question, mostly because I didn’t know what kind of song my blog “suited”.  I ended up putting my playlist on shuffle and the two first songs were Like a Boss by The Lonely Island or Come Out and Play cover by Richard Cheese (the version online I found definitely is not the best version, the one I have from the cd is way better, sorry).  I think the first one would suit my blog because I feel sometimes I hold a false sense of arrogance on my blog (for comedy purposes of course…But I am totally badass and you know it).  As for the second one, I think it reflects the fact that I can have fun on my blog, it’s not all serious poetry or thoughts, but jokes and randomness too.  Plus it’s all lounge style, so it sounds way cooler and more suave than the original song actually was.  And I definitely try to come off as more cool than I really am.

4. What is your writing process for a post?

It all depends on what post I’m writing.  If I’m writing a poem, I don’t really have a process; I kind of just write what I feel, or about something I’m inspired by.  When it comes to a top ten list, I typically compile the list itself first, order it, and then I write the filler.  The Coffee Wars posts take the longest I find, mostly because I have to get a good image of the beverages first, which doesn’t always happen.  Then I have to think about which one I enjoyed more and why, and yeah, sometimes that just takes too long because I’m not that picky of a person.  Typically though, images are found last on any post, I plop them in and then I edit.  Nothing really spectacular really, I just sit down and write and there you have it.  Though I almost always need a coffee (and a fancy coffee to boot – lots of foam for me!), and I like to listen to some music, it’s just my routine I guess.

5. Your blog requires a cute, new, mascot – what would it be?

The dancing coffee cup from my intermission images from the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty posts.  It’s a cartoon dancing coffee cup, how much more fantastic can you get?

6. Do you feel you express your “true self” on your blog?

Yes and no.  Whatever I do share on my blog, I don’t lie about.  I’m never lying when I say I’m working a lot, or that I’m tired, or that I’m having a good day, or whatever I say.  With that said, I don’t share everything on my blog.  I can be a very private person (which some people find hard to believe because I can be so loud), so there are some things I don’t feel I can open up about, especially with a bunch of people I’ve never met.  Hell, I can rarely open up about things I feel with people I love and trust, so it’s not you, it’s me.  I think the truest form of myself you can find is on the post Singlehood and Craving Intimacy.  As far as my poems go, they also hold the truest form of myself I’ve ever shared on my blog.  There are some poems, that even though they are ambiguous or metaphorical, there’s a lot of who I am written in each word and spoken with the words I didn’t say but through the emotions I tried to invoke.

There are some things I don’t share to protect myself or those I love – I try to use names very little unless I have permission or if I feel it’s absolutely necessary.  I also haven’t mentioned where I work outside of what I do there, because I don’t want to disrespect the companies I work for inadvertently and basically I’m covering my own ass.

7. What is your biggest online pet-peeve?

There’s soooo many.  My first one is: pEoPlE wHO tALk lIkE THiS!!!.  Or how about: ppl who tlk like dat is da gr8st thing eva, u no wat i mean?  Come on people, learn to spell properly!

Oh and then there’s those girls who take pictures of themselves wearing little to nothing (and almost always in a bathroom for some reason), and they have their makeup caked on, trying to look hot when they just look desperate and skanky.  When you add the infamous “duck face” the equation, it just really grinds my gears.

The last online pet-peeve is when I see comments that are just rude to be rude.  And no site is safe – I’ve had comments on my site.  One guy came out here, called me a fat cow basically and said I was disgusting.  I have no idea why he said, who he was, and what the point of that comment was.  It’s like when I see a comment on a youtube video and someone calls someone a “fag” or “gay”, like that’s supposed to be an insult (fucking ignorant people).  Anyway, rant complete.

8. If you could live in a fictional universe, where would you live? Why?

Again, too many answers to pick from.  I think I’d live in the Star Wars universe.  I almost picked the Harry Potter universe, but only if I could be a wizard.  The problem with the Harry Potter universe is thoughts like “are wizards not taught how to do basic math, or writing skills”.  Plus there’s a lot of issues with muggle treatment, and I’d probably be a target of a Death Eater attack.  And as much as I’d love to go to Hogwarts to woo Professor Snape, I think I’d much rather be in a universe where I could possibly check my Facebook and have access to the internet.  I mean think about, if in Star Wars they can have hologram messages they must have the internet – how else will they get their porn?

9. You’re having a bad day, you’re upset, you’re angry, or you’re sad – what is your go-to comfort?

First thing I do is get myself a coffee, and depending on the degree of how upset I am, that usually helps quite a bit.  But for really terminal days, I usually go out for a sundae or cake with Ryan or one of my other lovely friends.  There’s nothing quite as comforting as crying in public and eating a banana split.

10. What is your favourite inspirational quote?
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  – Winston Churchill

11. If they were to make a movie based on your life, who would play you, your leading lady/man, your best friend, and your rival?

I think my life would probably be a comedy film, and to play me I’d love it for Melissa McCarthy to play me.  I friggen love this lady, she’s beautiful, hilarious, and super talented, and I think she’d do a great job playing me (cause I’m hilarious, beautiful and super talented too!  See what I did there?).  Leading man is a tough one though, cause I’m just 22, so it’d be hard to make a movie based on me now – most of it would be a bit exaggerated and fictitious anyways.  So I’m gonna say Ryan Reynolds, because it’s a movie about me and I can make up whatever I want (plus they have really good chemistry, check out the movie “The Nines” if you ever can).  My best friends would be played by Sean Hayes and Katie Aselton, and my rival would be played by Tom Cruise (I don’t have a rival in real life, so I picked Tom Cruise cause I know he can do well in comedic roles, and he really gets on my nerves, so it’s perfect!).

12. Do you think the world is going to end in 2012?

No, absolutely not.  This past year we were supposed to have the apocalypse, and in 2000 the world was supposed to end with Y2K.  If anything happens in 2012, there’s nothing I can do to stop it, so I’m just going to enjoy my life.  There’s always going to be someone who thinks they know when the world will end, and I doubt the “world will end” in my lifetime.

13. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I would love to say my body, or anything with my appearance.  But I think what I really want to change is my confidence level.  I feel insecure a lot of the time, and I’m very self-conscious.  I want to become more confident with myself as I am, love myself for who I am, and I think with that it won’t really matter to me what people think of me, because I’ll like myself. 

14. What is your favorite season and why?

Fall!  I love it because it’s not too warm or cold, it’s full of beautiful colours, and I don’t get allergies in the fall.  Plus I’m always so wiped from the summer, I find that the fall helps me to recuperate and reflect.

15. You’ve been bitten by a vampire. Would you fight it with all your undead being or would you embrace it for all it is worth?

Depends on what kind of vampire universe you’re talking about – if I was from Twilight, well I’d just stake myself and be done with it.  If I was in the Buffy vampire universe, I’d probably embrace it, cause they’re pretty cool and badass (take Spike for example).  If I was in the Blade universe, well I’d just go find the cure, duh!

16. Have you personally met any of your blogger friends?

Nope, most of them are out of the country, so it’s a bit hard to do so.  Not to say I’m opposed to the idea, I’d love to meet any of them!  If any of you are in the GTA (greater Toronto area) ever, let me know, I’d love to meet up over coffee.

17. What does your favourite pair of underwear look like?

First off, I’d like to mention that I have no granny panties.  I have a weird rule where I don’t buy underwear from a bag of 5, and the ones I do buy are typically $10 a pop or 3 for $20 (I don’t cheap out on my panties, no-sir-ee-Bob). That being said, I have a lot of favourite pairs.  Probably my favourite are ones made of entirely black lace – they’re sexy and they make my butt look fabulous. 

Wow, how uncomfortable did I make everyone?  I spent way too long explaining my underwear…

18. Have you ever drank something right from the container in the refrigerator knowing other people will have to drink out of the same container later?

Yup.  I know, it’s completely disgusting, but I’m sure I’ve done it.  I don’t do it often enough to even remember the last time I did it, but I’m sure I have.  I think everyone has been guilty of that at least once.

19. What is your favourite word and explain why?

Earlier this year I participated in a meme that Blaga from Broken Sparkles started which was all about your favourites of every season.  The last part of the meme was your all time favourites.  With that being said, the word I picked for that meme was:

–verb (used without object)
1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.
2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.
–verb (used with object)
3. to bolster, sustain, or uphold: unflagging faith that had persevered him.

I know, a lot of you read “perverse” didn’t you?  Maybe that’s part of the reason I like it, people read it wrong and get a completely different impression of me.  I like this word so much because I feel it’s what I try to do with my life – that even with the worst of times I need to struggle through, to remain strong and fight through it.  As much as I may wish it was over, I don’t want to quit what I’m doing because I can be stronger than that.  I can’t stand people who give up on something easily, who quit just because things get a bit hard or because you have to work harder to get the outcome you want.  Well that’s life, and sometimes you have to climb through miles of shit to get to better ground.  A lot of the times things in life don’t go your fucking way, but you keep trying because that’s what you have to do.  I think a lot of people my age don’t realize that life isn’t just handed to you, that you’re not always going to get your dream job right away, you’re not going to just find your ideal partner for life – you have to work for these things.  That’s why I like the word persevere so much, because I think it alone holds the meaning of my life.

20. 2011 is soon coming to a close, is there anything you’d like to do different on your blog in the year 2012?

I’d like to uphold to a more consist updating schedule.  I’ve been really flakey this year, and I’ve really disappointed myself.  I have a lot of ideas of things I want to write about, but I have a hard time finding motivation, or the time to sit down and do it.  I’ve been learning how to rebalance my time now that I have more things that require my attention.  Usually I’m not working two jobs, so I’m still getting used to that sort of schedule.  I make an effort to see the friends that I can, so that is where some of my time goes to.  Now that I am in a relationship, I have less time to myself and more time going into that part of my life.  It’s all a learning process of how to allot time towards my personal projects.  I’ve been neglecting a lot of those personal projects though, and I know in 2012 I want to give myself time each week to update my blog.  I’m not doing it because I feel I owe anyone an update, I’m doing it because I feel I owe myself an update. 

Also, I’m hoping in 2012 to be less flakey with the blogs I follow.  I say this often and hardly follow through, but it isn’t out of not wanting to, it’s out of not enough time again.  So though I may not be able to read every single post I want to, I’ll try to read more than I have been, as well as commenting more. 

And with that, I just want to say thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to reading everyone’s posts (though it may take me a few days, I’ll try to do my best!).

2011 Community Network Meme Participation List


33 thoughts on “Community Networking Meme 2011

  1. Wow….i didn’t realize I was behind into December ARG! Really enjoyed these meme’s because your answers are always so forthcoming and honest – someone is really able to get to know who you are. Once again I read preserve and perverse hahaha – and I think it is sweet u mentioned me in what you do when you are having a bad day! This was a fantastic post – I always wonder if I would be able to be as upfront about myself if I was ever asked to complete questions like this. Wonderful job!

  2. I so appreciate this chance to get to know you better, Cherlyn. As always, your humor makes you a bright star in the blogospher. Among other things – I’ve not been online much lately – I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love the questions in this meme. They are absolutely wonderful and I saw from Tom’s post that you had a big hand in their developement. Kudos!… and thanks. What a pleasure.

    So, as with Blaga’s post, there is so much here. Very rich. Of course you will be exhausted working split shifts. Awful. I hope that you find your way out of that soon. Amazing that you do so much and with such good grace under the circumstances.

    Blaga is such a fine choice for a switch and you two are a good complements to one another. This would be nice to see happen.

    Love your dancing coffee cup and darling, it’s so you.

    Your honesty is always charming … you always come across as real, Cherlyn. Love you!

    Star Wars and Harry Potter! Yes! Yes! What fun..And great Churcill quote … rather good advice given the split-shift (shaft) deal.

    Have you visited Amy at Soul Dipper? I think she’s from your area.

    Thanks for posting the participant list.

    Big Hugs and Best wishes for the holidays and 2012,

    • Thank you for stopping by Jamie – I’m sorry I’ve been MIA with everyone elses blogs lately though :(. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the answers though, Ih ad al ot of fun reading everyone else’s too.

      I’ll be done doing split shifts in the new year, which will be a relief. I’ll just have school and work, which I can handle easilly (I did it for a few years, so I hope I’ll be ok).

      I’m sure sometime down the road Blaga and I will do a switcheroo, I think it’d be fun, and I love her writing so much.

      I’m glad the coffee cup is me, I thought it was :). I had another one, which was a disgruntled coffee mug, but I liked the dancing one better.

      It’s a relief to hear that I come off as real, I get worried that people will think I’m not being myself.

      I shall check out Amy at Soul Dipper, it’s always nice to see what my fellow Canadians are up to :).

      I really appreciate your comment Jamie, you’re a sweet heart! Love you as well! 🙂

      Happy holidays to you as well – *internet hugs*

  3. I love your blog mascot! He’s adorable and perfect!

    I love that you described your underwear and was obviously as uncomfortable about it as I was. LOL I remembering thinking “this is just way more than anyone would ever want to know about me”. LOL

    BTW, since you’re a huge coffee fan…have you ever heard of Keurig coffee makers? I have one and have since saved a TON of money by not going to all the fancy coffee shops. Just an idea! I love mine so much I have plans to marry it! 🙂

    • Lol the topic of my underpants has never made me so embarassed, usually no one asks about it!

      I have heard of Keurig coffee makers, I think they’re pretty neat, but I do work at one of those fancy coffee shops so I usually get my fill of those drinks for free when I’m working. Though something like that would be good to have when I’m not there anymore, then I can indulge and not feel guilty. And congrats on the wedding to your coffee maker! 😀 lol

  4. I don’t like wrong spellings. My eyes burn everytime I see one. And it takes a long time to forgive myself if I did the mistake.

    If I remember it correctly, I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for posts about someone’s love-hate relationship with coffee. I never really liked coffee as it often makes me sick. Two cups and I’m out. But these days, I think my body is starting to like it and every afternoon I drink instant coffee and it makes me feel better, perkier even which is a kind of attitude very much needed for my job.

    Great answers and questions. Tom has asked me to contribute two for next year’s. I’m excited and nervous. LOL

    • I know what you mean about bad spelling – sometimes I’ve made the mistakes, but mostly I’m too much of a perfectionist to let it slide.

      Your site seemed familiar to me too, I’m sure I’ve clicked on it before when I’ve been on Tom’s site or something. My relationship with coffee is very much an addiction now, your body is probably just becoming accustomed to it. Does it still make you a bit sick?

      And thats awesome about next year’s meme – don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine 🙂

  5. You mentioned some good or should I say, annoying pet peeves there…I completely agree with all of those! Melissa McCarthy is awesome, I am a new fan of hers since I watched Bridesmaids…I definitely want to watch the seasons of Mike and Molly now! 🙂
    “Persevere” is an excellent word choice. I loved reading your answers! Nice to meet you! 🙂

    • I’ve heard Mike and Molly is really good, so I’ve been thinking bout watching it myself. I’m sure it’ll be hilarious :). Thanks for coming by, and nice to meet you too!

  6. Very nice Q&A Cherlyn. It’s been really nice getting to know you. I can see we share some points of view, like Ryan Reynolds… that’s a great view it doesn’t matter from which point you take it, isn’t it? 😉

  7. These were the answers I was most looking forward to reading out of the Meme participants and I knew I’d have great time being here! I love the answer about the underwear and about the mascot. Thanks for mentioning me … you are a sweetheart, on of the best! My post had troubles with auto-publishing but now it’s on 🙂 Be well and happy and confident in yourself dear Cherlyn, you are a great young lady who deserves nothing else but the best!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my answers 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your answers, I’m on my way over :). And thank you for your kind words, you my dear are the sweetheart!

  8. Thank you for bringing that version of Friday to my attention. It’s hilarious! Though I am reconsidering my theme song, Like a Boss just seems too cool. 🙂 Thanks for making this so much harder. 😛

    Thanks for writing awesome questions. I had a blast answering them!

  9. About living in the Harry Potter universe, gosh I had totally forgotten that they don’t have Intenet there! Now I am having second thoughts! LOL, nice one! 🙂

    Regarding #16, you must be a very sophisticated lady! I suddenly felt ashamed I have a couple of granny panties tucked at the bottom of my closet. Hahaha!

    Great answers Cherlyn! Nice to meet you! 🙂


    • Well, I may not have actual granny panties, but I’m almost fairly certain I have one pair that have a hole near the elastic lol. Oh well, we all have them I think.

      Nice to meet you too!

  10. My dear caffeinated friend Cherlyn. How the heck are you? Again, I commend you on such great questions. It was lots of fun coming up with answers and so far this morning, it has been great reading all of the answers from others.

    Was it hard answering your own questions or was the meme easier because you thought of the questions?

    I love your favorite (favourite) quote and perhaps you figured this out already, but I was not uncomfortable with your underwear answer! Anything that makes a girl’s butt look fabulous is fine with me! I’m still laughing at your online pet peeves!

    Love ya, Tom

    • I’m well Tom, how the heck are you? lol. Things are great with me, just been busy, can’t complain. Thanks for letting me come up with lots of the questions, it’s been interesting to see how everyone has responded.

      I actually found it harder to ask the questions than to answer them. I think answering came easy to me cause I already had answers in mind when I wrote the questions that I wrote.

      Haha I’m glad you weren’t uncomfortable, I was worried I rambled too much.

      Love ya!

  11. The “Come Out and Play” cover is awesome! And dancing coffee is just fabulous 🙂

    Regarding rude comments . . . I once had a comment stating that nobody would listen to me because I just look like a rhinoceros with glasses. It might have pissed me off if it wasn’t so funny. I ended up writing an entire post about it 😀

    And I definitely concur with the cyber-speaking and duck faces too!

    Thanks for the awesome questions and of course, the answers!

    • I’m glad you liked the cover, I first heard him from the Dawn of the Dead movie, where they had his cover of Down with the Sickness. I liked it so much I’ve started collecting his cds.

      Rhinoceros with glasses? What an odd thing to say – besides the fact that it’s absolutely far from true. Some people are just jerks, but I’m glad you found the hilarity in it and managed to draw inspirations from it.

      Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your answers!

  12. Thanks for the great questions!! This was so much fun. I knew you would have great answers.

    Melissa McCarthy! I love her. I discovered her after watching Bridesmaids where she was HYSTERICAL (about the cruise accident – my fav), and I just watched the 1st season of Mike and Molly. Excellent choice!

    Like a Boss – Love it! Yes you are bad ass like that.
    persevere – this made me want to change mine. Great one!

    • Thanks Melinda, I’m looking forward to your answers (I’m making my way there soon :D)

      Ahh Melissa McCarthy, I adore her, I hope I can meet her one day.

      I’m glad people know I’m bad ass 😉 haha just kidding.

      Thanks for coming, I’ll be over in a jiffy!

  13. Hi Cherlyn!

    First, a hearty “Thanky” for providing 75% of the questions. Had you done 100%, you would have gotten an even heartier “Thankyou”. 🙂

    Ask Melinda to show you her puppy. You seem to have a very pleasant outlook on life. I like how you mention that you feel you owe yourself the updates – no one can argue with you about that.

    One thing I love about blog-hopping is the extensive education in all things trivial. To wit: duckface. I never even heard of the term and you’ve graciously provided 25 examples. Thanky!



    • Hey Mitchell 🙂

      You’re very welcome – I had written 100% until the lovely ladies thought of a few more questions, so I definitely don’t mind being 75%, they made a great contribution too 🙂

      I should ask Melinda to show me her puppy, I love puppies :D.

      Haha I’m glad I could educate the people on the terminal cases of “duckface”.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be making my rounds now too 🙂

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