Poetry Oldies #4

It’s been a longgggg long week, so I haven’t had much time to write (or anything other than work and sleep to be honest).  So no new poems today, but here’s another rendition of Poetry Oldies 🙂  This is also my entry for the Thursday Poets Rally Week 55.  Enjoy!

Rust – Originally posted October 7, 2010
To the touch I’m cold as ice,
too long since I’ve felt the heat.
It’s been ages since I’ve been loved,
since my heart knew how to beat. 
You can sense me, for I am here,
but no longer do I know how to feel.
There is nothing – just the numbing
tingling, leftovers of what was real.
No longer do I feel the want, the need;
I do not know desire or lust.
I would try to love again, but
I’m afraid my heart has begun to rust.  


“Rusted” by Saber Hodson aka midnightreflections on deviantart.com. Check out her blog “Whats Up With That?!” on my Blog Roll.

Transient – Originally posted September 9, 2010
I chose a path, and followed through –
leaving behind all I knew.
I said goodbye and went away,
not sure if I’d come back one day.
With the years I spent on my own
I have learned, and I have grown.
And with the choices that I’ve made,
all that’s passed began to fade.
Returning home, to this forgotten place –
unfamiliar; they do not know my face.
As I’ve changed, and grown, and became
who I am – they all have stayed the same.
And as I linger and tag along,
I know deep down I do not belong;
a wanderer – passing only by chance,
soon to leave without a second glance. 

"Wanderer" by Monika aka kas666 on deviantart.com


32 thoughts on “Poetry Oldies #4

  1. I love these poetry oldies, as it remind me of all the beautiful poems you have published in the past. I am really in love with the first; just for this idea of a body, of organs rusting – it conjures up these very intense and vivid images for me. I love how the heart becomes an object outside of the body in that poem – and it becomes susceptible to weathering.

    And the second is quite beautiful as well. I love the idea that you can leave somewhere and when you come back it can feel completely different – almost like a twilight zone effect – the place and people seem the same, but something inherent to the fabric of the place feels odd and makes you feel almost outcast.

    • Great comment Ry, lots of food for thought!

      As with the second one, I suppose it could be either that the place feels odd, or perhaps I’m now the odd one out, it’s very ambiguous.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love poetry Oldies, it gives me the chance to read stuff I’ve missed from you. Lovely little collection here. Rust I remember from before, I’ve read it and seeing the date of the original post it was at the time I first met you. The second poem/ the one that I favor today/ I read for a first time and it’s a feeling so familiar every time when I go to Bulgaria and see how many things have stayed the same way … it’s sad sometimes, actually most of the time … it hurts to know that people, places you care about haven’t had a move towards a positive outcome at all … and being faraway all the time, there is very little you can do!

    • I think you’re right, I think that is when we first met! 🙂 And absolutely, it’s hard to know you’er moving forward and you’re leaving people behind. It’s a hard situation to be in.

    • I thought of it to be honest when I was looking for photos, but I saw my friend’s rusted photo and it just kind of spoke to me. But your right, an old iron bell would be a nice fit too!

  3. Rusted, indeed. Your poem really captures that ‘beyond’ feeling, though it does leave me sad! These lines had me in immediately:
    To the touch I’m cold as ice,
    too long since I’ve felt the heat.

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