Poetry Thrusday #69

I am feeling super exhausted by very productive today – so a mini cheer for me!  Come on, you know you want to let out a little “whoop, whoop!” for me.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait until you do.




There we go – thanks!  I’m just very proud that I’ve survived working odd hours this week (an 8pm-2am shift rather than my normal 5am start), and have managed to have a somewhat normal social life, and keep up with my writing.  So this is what being mildly productive feels like!  Such a strange, unnerving, responsible feeling…

As for that little bit of rambling, here is a poem I wrote this week (I wrote a few, but I’m not as happy with the other ones, oh well, perhaps next week!).  Enjoy!

Storm Clouds
Tiny droplets poke and tease,
shivers and goosebumps touch
my exposed skin – storm clouds
take my sun away.

Harsher falls of cool water –
melted ice as cold
as your bitter words –
rain upon my disposition.

Beads of rain on my face
commingle with falling tears,
dancing droplets down
my embarrassed cheeks.

Booms of thunder overhead
echo with the memory
of every drop of disdain
found within your voice.

Soaked through to my bone,
chilled to my core –
silenced and worn down
by you and the storm.

With no sign of relenting,
my broken heart starts to wonder:
am I sad because it’s raining,
or is it raining because I’m sad?

"Caught in the Rain" by Tyler Hart aka katze-bnt on deviantart.com


16 thoughts on “Poetry Thrusday #69

  1. I really loved the poem. The images that my minds conjures when I read your works are always so powerful. I read this poem well sitting at the gallery and the room is very dark, with black walls – and i got this strange sensation of actually being in a storm. I quite love the first stanza of the piece! It really took me over.

    • It may not be true to life at the moment, but I can recall a few similiar moments in my past – lets hope that there are few and far between in our future!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi Cherlyn! What could I say, everyone thinks you are a great poet! 🙂 I also loved the last two lines and I knew it was the first thing that popped into your mind and made you decide to write a poem. You’re really great and I hope I can be as productive as you are so I can visit you here every time a post is up. Thank you so much for keeping up with my blog and just yesterday I posted a new one. 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to drop by and as usual, leave a comment! :3

    Thanks Cherlyn and of course, a whoop whoop for you! Whoop whoop! 😀

    • Super blushing right now – so many compliments! Thank you very much, I appreciate it so much :). I hope to catch up on the posts I’ve missed of yours – one day I swear 🙂

      Thanks for the whoop whoop! 😀

  3. Cherlyn I have to agree with Sara. The last two lines cemented it for me. Sad or not, I loved this poem. Maybe it’s because I love dreary days as well as sunny days and perhaps it is because I like the way you write. Either way, it is a sad but beautiful piece of art.

    • I’m really glad you liked it 🙂 I think I wrote the last two lines first, so I guess they’re my favourite part of the poem too. Thanks as always for stopping by!

  4. I really like this poem! I can really feel the emotion, and the imagery is beautful, although sad. I like the last two lines, “am I sad because it’s raining,
    or is it raining because I’m sad?” very powerful stuff.
    I hope this wasn’t based on a recent even though, because if someone made you feel that way then they deserve a kick in the face 😛

    • No, no recent events – just kind of came to me as I aimlessly stared at the rain this week lol. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!! And thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :)!

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