Poetry Thursday #68

I’m bad, didn’t post this at my usual time.  But at least it’s going up darnit!  I’m hoping to have a different type of post go up on Saturday, so lets cross my fingers and hope for the best (aka, hope I get off my lazy arse and write it!).  Anywho, here’s my poem, enjoy!

Oh and I forgot this when I originally first posted it – this is my entry for the Thursday Poets Rally – Week 53.

High Security for Nothing
Awaiting tenderness to win me over,
for softness to wear down
the barricades surrounding my heart.

But I am guarded –
no – I am surrounded
by walls of steel, protected by
ninjas with machine guns, ready
to shoot any who dare enter.

I keep my heart and soul
trapped within a safe, protected
by another safe, buried within
the depths of my insecurities.
I cannot dare share my secrets,
to divulge the essence of
who and what I am –
for in the darkness of my heart,
secure and safe from all to see,
is the true nature of me.

A display and show of force and will
to hide the weakness behind my cell.
Walls upon walls – no windows or doors,
just empty, empty spaces.

Upon the grey walls and floors
are cracks and quiet echoes,
holding hints of weeping and fear.
I wall myself, guard myself,
and fear above all else
an intruder to pass security;
for what they may find is
that in my depths
I am hiding nothing.

"Emtpy Room" by Oscarhagbard from deviantart.com


40 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #68

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  2. the title summarizes well the content/meaning of this poem.
    the speaker seems trapped! by the fear & need of protection and privacy.
    ‘Safe’ — a noun — wordplay on the adjective. the most salient word in the poem, for me — this one reader.

    I especially like the following:
    ”Walls upon walls – no windows or doors,
just empty, empty spaces.”

    Good poem.
    thank you.

    tinkwelborn http://wp.me/p102ON-4X

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  4. Interesting, indeed, in the picture the door is cracked open, lol. Well all I can say, love has a way of getting in, and past the Ninjas, lol, so be ready one day when Love does take over your fortress, lol, thank you, much appreciated, WS

    but I do understand why you have employed so much, lol

    • I didnt take the picture :P. Plus it just kind of called to me…either that or I was tired of sifting through images on deviant art! Lol. I hope love will tear down my walls and destroy my ninjas, it’s quite an expensive overhead cost lol.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Ninjas with Machine guns – that is genius! I liked how this poem was quirky and intense all at the same time.

    This poem was like a really awesome thriller where the main charater (let’s say Brad Pitt in Seven just for fun) is searching for somthing the whole movie and then at the end BAM! everything you thought you knew goes out the window!

  6. I did enjoy Cherlyn! It sent my mind wandering. Some people go to extremes in their lives and never really enjoy it because of hurt and pain. A very “poetic” poem!

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