Poetry Thursday #66

I swear I didn’t forget it was Thursday, except that I totally did forget.  My bad!  I had yesterday off and it threw off the momentum of the week.  I’ve been bad with keeping up with blogs, so I think I may just start from scratch and keep up with the newest ones posted, because it is becoming too daunting of a task to go back and read over 100 separate posts (which I’m sure are all amazing).  I guess I’ll see how it goes.

I have one poem to share today, which is more prose and freewriting more than anything, but I decided to share it anyways.  Enjoy!

Thoughts on Love
How can I lose myself in love –
or is it “love”?
Do I dare lose control – give in to chaos,
swept away in the moment?
For love is only a moment, and passion
is but a relative of lust.
Passion is not felt within my heart,
but underneath my hips.
And if love and passion go hand in hand,
then I refuse it – I reject the notion.
And if love is passion, then it will
only feel good for a moment.
Once it’s reached its climax,
all is left is a mess the man left behind.
And all I feel is emptiness.

"Passion" by Juliette Legrand aka Doodoox on deviantart.com


5 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #66

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  2. Uh, love and passion … I wonder if I will ever untangle any secret about them and make them both be on the same place without hurting each other … Lovely write and the image goes perfectly with your words!

  3. Wow. Now that is something to think about! Let me think for a moment….

    Love is not passion but you most definitely be passionate about the person you love and I think it’s okay to want or lust after the person you love, but Love is not lustful but it does leave you wanting more.

    I’m so glad we are both back to somewhat posting regularly. Only one poem this week but a powerful one. Have a great weekend.

    • Lol oh Tom.

      I wrote this after I had a really, really, really gawd-awful date – I can’t even begin to describe how bad it was. I was having a streak of bad dates to be honest, I was feeling like there was no love at all, it was all just creeps wanting to get a little something-something. I assure, you on a grander scale, I do believe in love.

      Have a great weekend as well Tom 🙂

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