Poetry Thursday #65

My mini-blogcation seemed to last a lot longer than I really intended it to – for that I apologize!  I guess I needed some time away to clear my head a little.  I’ve cleared it now – man it was a mess up there I tell you.  I still havent caught up with everyone’s stuff yet, I’ve just been busy, and now that my inbox is full  of over 100 different posts to catch up on, the task is getting more daunting.  I’m going to need a lot more coffee to accomplish that task.  So hopefully I’ll be able to get caught up by next week *crosses fingers*.

I do have a few poems to share this week, hurray!  Enjoy!

What I Lost Long Ago
The warmth of a hand over mine,
tender caresses, simple, sweet sighs.
Wrapped up within you – the world melts away
within the stormy-seas of your eyes.
Soft lips over mine, gentle touches
over my skin, light as butterflies.
Walls begin to crumble, the heart is exposed –
buried feelings begin to rise.
Lost within this fleeting moment of passion,
ignoring all the warning signs and blatant lies.
And with the cold emptiness of your absence,
I still feel the heartbreak of your goodbyes
and how my love for you will never die.

“I’m Lost” by Sabrina aka Blanklives on deviantart.com

Empty Space
Lost inside this hollow heart –
beats of shame and shambles.
Broken walls and rubbled form
the remains of this shattered soul.

No martyr here, no victims found –
I am the monster, the demon
resurrected – an avenger
of the hollow souls.

Seeking solace in the darkness –
now that anger’s gone and sorrow’s felt,
my fractured soul is all but numb.
I have been unhappy far too long.

“Empty Room” by Giorgio aka Boromir66 on deviantart.com
Update @ 4:00pm: I forgot to add this in the morning cause I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  But someone nominated me for a Perfect Poet Award!  Thank you very much!!

Humbled heart beating
many thanks – honoured by peers
of greater talent.

I nominate Nefarious X !


33 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #65

  1. You have this ability to write very crisply and precisely about emotions and feelings; I am always moved by your poetry. I quite love the second poem because you speak of the heart as a structured space; I really love all the descriptions you use to talk about the heart falling apart. Congrats on the award 😀

    • I would find it hard to write about something so tragic having not experienced it, I wouldnt be doing any of the real victims any justice or favors. Thank you for the visit 🙂

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