Poetry Thursday #64

Sorry this is going up a bit late, been a bit busy today.  And besides that, I’ve been a bit lazy, and have been enjoying my laziness.  I have the house to myself again for a couple of days, and have been thoroughly enjoying it!  But I didn’t want to make a habit of missing out on Poetry Thursday’s, so here is something I wrote earlier this week.  Enjoy!

You Can’t Depend on Just Dreams, Hopes, and Prayers
Watch the world pass by with starry eyes,
hopeless dreams and sparkling skies.
Lost in this abyss of hopefulness,
built in dreams and make-believe –
wishes made on shooting stars.
Waiting endlessly for that prince
on an ivory stallion, baring
easy-answers and problem’s solved –
making promises of praise and glory,
effortless achievements, hand-outs
of lessons half-learnt and squandered.
Dream of all the gifts in the world,
want all life has to offer – beg,
and cry, and covet.  Pray,
pray your futile prayers –
ask your starry skies for everything.
Wait, and wait – and do nothing.

"How Many Dreams We List" by Gregory Kalampoukas aka gregkalamp on deviantart.ca


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #64

  1. Prayers are the foundations, and you are the legs that walk through your dreams, no one can stop you, but yourself, the ones that take money well, they’ll come in do time, and miracles do live and breath just like we do. We are all in this together, and the ones that shun your dreams, well it’s because they have none, and can not walk, but they sure do love to talk, keep your head up, and feel around in your dreams, powerful write, thanks, much appreciated, WS

    • I’m not sure if you really understood what I was trying to say – that may be my fault though, I probably didnt explain it well enough. For me, it was about not depending on prayers, because all they are are hopes – you need to take action to see the results you crave. That was probably my fault though, my bad.

        • I gues hope is all right and prayers all right if you still don’t depend on them – that’s all I was thinking. My life has never gotten me anywhere if I hope or prayer, I seem to have to do everything myself 😛 Damn lol.

          Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I really like how this poem kind of illustrates how people tend to look for an easy way out sometimes, instead of facing the reality of the situation. Almost like we always hope for the world to give us the answer, but the answer is usually always within ourselves and we have to dig for it, not look somewhere else for it. I have no idea if this was the intention, but its how I saw it I guess. The title…i love, :D!

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