Poetry Oldies #3

Whoopsies!  My week’s equilibrium is out of whack, and I forgot it was Thursday!  My bad, my bad.  I’m not going to share anything new this week, as everything I’ve worked on is either not finished or not up to par.  So now for another rendition of Poetry Oldies!  Enjoy!

Breeze – Originally Posted March 18, 2010
Time it passes
through our hands,
We cannot stop
the flow of sand.
The seasons come
and pass us by,
one day you live –
the next you die.
Life is uncertain,
like the weather.
Do not mourn, but
cherish time together.
It may hurt now,
but time will heal
all the sorrow
that you feel.
Time will come
and go with ease;
just let go and
move with the breeze.

"Breeze" by Andrew Pearce aka andyp89 on deviantart.com

Sleep – Originally Posted April 16, 2010
My eyes are shut, yet I cannot sleep.
So tired, feeling that I could weep.
Nothing works, counting endless sheep –
cannot rest – no slumber that is deep. 

I lay in bed, always awake.
Exhausted, so my body aches.
Never a moment of sleep to take
as life moves forward; I get no break. 

Rest I cannot find, though I try –
alas, sleep my body denies.
I am slipping – falling – and I cry –
Begging, yearning – but I don’t know why. 

I can’t remember what it was like before –
to wander my dreams and explore,
to see and feel the things that I adore.
Until I sleep, I shall see them no more. 

"Insomnia" by Ibas on deviantart.com


4 thoughts on “Poetry Oldies #3

  1. The second poem makes me thing of the time you had trouble sleeping when you were away at school. I can’t remember if it was at the same time, but I remember there were a few days that you barely slept; its funny when you read something and it causes you to directly think of something in your life; I love the power of poetry!!

  2. The breeze- poem is so true and if we could all let go off certain things and follow the breeze, then who knows, the world might appear peaceful for more than a minute! Oldies, but goldies 🙂

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