Poetry Thrusday #63

I wasn’t feeling well on Monday, so I didn’t go to work.  Well, apparently doing that caused my whole week orientation to get all frazzled, and I was almost convinced that today was actually Wednesday.  So I do apologize for this going up so late (well, 7:30 is late for me anyways), but at least I remembered!  Just one poem this week, I was also going to post it for the Poetry Potluck but it slipped my mind to do so, my bad!  But instead of that, I’ll be posting this for the Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 49, hurray!  So here’s my poem for the week, enjoy!

A Perfect Moment of Happiness Before the Storm
Skies of cerulean blue, graced
with wisps of white clouds –
hot summer days, bright sun rays,
sparkles upon calmed water.
Bold and beautiful brew,
a hint of Mozart in the air,
a tan forming on freckled skin,
and a bemused smile on soft lips.

Wondering when and why this
perfect moment will cease,
why the sun must hide,
why the clouds must darken.
For calm waters always anger –
the gentle breeze becomes harsh,
carrying a roar on the horizon,
raining, pouring, on my sunshine.

"Dark Coffee" by Monika Serkowska aka monika-es on deviantart.com


50 thoughts on “Poetry Thrusday #63

    • I usually hate it too, I’m not very good at it. I’ve been trying to force myself to write more of it, so I can get used to it. I’m glad to hear I’m getting a bit better. Thanks for your comment :)!

    • I’m glad I could help set a tone, I’ve been feeling abit sullen that way, and you know – misery does love company 😛 haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. The softness of the first stanza in comparison to the sharpness of the next – so perfect to the mood penned. I all but hear the the whining – lol. I really like this.

    • Lol well at least my whining about the weather translated well into the poem haha. My being Canadian really has something to do with that (no matter what, we’re never happy with the weather). I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. The calm before the storm, a place I seem to live half the time, the other half is in the eye of the storm, cast adrift. Beautiful piece of poetry, really powerful imagery. Made me ponder.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  3. I really liked this poem – no not liked – Loved! I can’t pick out anything in partiular this time because I just loved all of it the words, the flow, the sounds, and the images it created. This one is a keeper!

  4. sounds pretty much like my average weekly routine – except you make it sound so beautiful, i was tempted to dwell only on the sunshine and the Mozart in the air. very good job!

  5. wow how the sunshine can cheer your day and your inner being and the rain does the complete opposite ….think you put this across really well thank you for sharing

    • It’s funny how that works eh? I often wonder, am I sad because it’s raining, or is it raining because I’m sad? Something to ponder!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Ahhh, we would love to have some of the rain … it would have the opposite effect on us at this moment – it would make us smile cheerfully and wide … but I do understand when one looks forward to sun, and Mother Nature has a sudden change in mood … human emotions parallel with this as well … mood swings out of nowhere … Nicely done!

    • I should be happy for the rain too, we’ve had a very dry summer. But, we had a really wet spring and the rest of the year, so I’m enjoying the sun before it hides away.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love that the day this poem was posted, we finally got rain, it a lovely coincidence. I love that you picked this such moment to write about, I always find fleeting moments like this so calming and inspiring and hard to come by. It really feels like you have frozen this moment in time, remembering its beauty.

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