Poetry Thursday #61

I know I haven’t updated much lately besides the Season’s Favourite Challenge and Poetry Thursday posts.  I guess with it being summer and all, a lot of people want to go out and have some fun, and who am I to be a Party Pooper?  Plus I’ve been trying to make the decision as to whether or not I’m going to go back to school or not, so just a bunch of stuff on my mind.  Oh, that and I’m lazy.

Enough of my crap, here’s a poem!

The Prisoner of Doubt
Barricaded within my self,
my heart locked away
in the deep and dark.
Punishment for my crime:
the crime of feeling,
sensing – punished for wanting.

Imprisoned by the warden,
the warden of thought
and over thinking.
My heart yearns to feel,
my mind quakes in fear.
To let love in to the heart
is to allow the entrance of pain.

Perhaps it’s safer to be a prisoner,
to lock away the pleasure,
to protect myself from the pain.
But my heart aches inside –
looking out through the bars,
yearning to break free.

"Prisoner" by Tim Masih aka ridethespiral1 on deviantart.com


11 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #61

  1. You poems always conjure such powerful images in my mind! I too loved the choice of word to describe, and for some reason I keep playing the trailer for Sucker Punch over and over in my head after reading this; I think its because that is the world my mind took me to.

    • Haha I liked the trailer to that movie but heard it wasnt very good, oh well, it was a fun trailer. Glad you liked the poem too, I’m happy it envoked some sort of imagery 🙂

  2. I really like the use of words in this poem. warnden, prison,punished, barricade, prisoner – all such strong words! I’m on a word thing this week and these ones definetly create a solid image.

    I also really liked the image you chose to go with the poem, it’s a great match!

    I’d also like to take a moment to mention that it’s only the day after this post went up and I’m commenting – go me! I’m starting to get a routine of checking people’s blogs 😀

    • I need to get into that routine, I”ve been very bad lately 😦 Still trying to catch up.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I was a bit wary of posting it, but had nothing else to share, so hurray 🙂

  3. Gosh! First of all Cherlyn, I am so impressed that you got the poll set up. Must admit that I didn’t know any of them. Picked three because that’s a show I’ve heard of. I’m just not hype (dated term, I know) anymore.

    Don’t be a Party Pooper. Go out there and have fun.

    Wonderful poem. We do do it to ourselves, don’t we? DYI hell, as I say.

    Nice work as always.

    Virtual hugs!

      • Ohhh! Ok, know what you mean now lol. And it’s all good, I was just going with what I know, I’m far from being “hip” lol.

        I’m definitely no party pooper, I’ve been so tired because I’ve been out all the time!

        Glad you enjoyed the poem! Thanks for stopping by!

        *Virtual hug*

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