Poetry Thursday #60

Apparently the month of June was an easy month to get by as far as blogging goes – I basically just had to ignore that nagging voice in the back of my mind to write something.  I don’t know what happened, but I kept finding myself busy this month, which isn’t unwelcomed, just uncommon.  I’m not used to going out all the time and needing to take a moment to be alone.  I guess it’ll take some getting used to, and I’ll have to take away some of my alone time to work on my blog, but that’s something I think I should do and want to do.

So with July coming, I’m hoping to really increase the number of posts I write.  With Harry Potter 7 part 2 coming out, hopefully I’ll feel the need to write a review, plus I’ve got a few top 10 lists sitting on the back burner of my mind ready to go.  Hopefully July will be an exciting month!

Now on with the poem!

Maybe I was Wrong
I tell myself I’m nothing,
that there is no beauty
buried within my flesh –
no worth within my soul.

I tell myself I’m empty,
not good enough for this
foreign feeling of happiness –
a place I’ll never get to see.

I tell myself I’m unlovable,
that no one could look at me
and find something worth loving –
that I will never be wanted.

In the warmth of your arms,
I feel everything I told myself
that I would never feel –
have I been wrong this whole time?

How can you see something
worthy enough for your affections?
How can you want me?
How do you see what I never could?

"Maybe I Was Wrong" by fearless-sky on deviantart.com


6 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #60

  1. I like how introspective your poems are. They really express these feelings that everyone has, these insecurities that our mind voices. I really love to that these voices can be quieted by someones love and comfort, because that is very true, Lovely poem indeed!

  2. I like your poems that ask alot of questions. It’s like being inside of someone’s head and all the questions they ask themselves all the time.

    I look forward to your upcomeing posts. I have made a schedule to try and get myself to post more too.

    • Whoops, I missed this one before! Thats totally how my mind works too, lots and lots of questions.

      I hope you post more, your posts always put a smile on my face!

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