Poetry Thursday #59

Almost 60 Poetry Thursday post, wow, I’m impressed.  Good job Cherlyn!  Why, thank you Cherlyn!  Anytime Cherlyn!

Moving along, before I post my poem for the day, I am going letting you guys know that I’m posting a poll as a sticky to my home page for a while, which will have a poll for who the next “I Heart Brew” post be about.  I know there are many eligible fictional bachelors out there, but I wanted to narrow down the choices to best match with my readers!  So if you take a moment to vote, that would be much obliged!  I will be leaving it for a little while, until I figure no one is voting anymore probably.

On with the poetry!!

The rain has finally settled,
pooled in settled puddles
which reflect the rays of
sunshine, peeking out bashfully
from behind the clouds.
The thunder is but an echo,
the tempest has finally passed,
and I can smile again.

With a gentle fluttering of
tiny wings upon the summer wind,
I feel a feeling unlike one
I have yet felt before.
The light chirps of neighbouring
finches, dancing joyful beats
around my heart.  Is this
what butterflies feel like?

"Butterflies" by M. Coleman on deviantart.com


29 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #59

  1. Wow… thank you for this. if you go to my blog I have written a haiku that mirrors my mood, which is pretty dreary and dismal. Yet, I read your poem, and a light has shined on my heart. I still have work to do, but I know this poem has helped 🙂

    And I’ve finally gotten back over to my blog to approve your comment on my last poem. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 If you liked Connoisseur, you will love Luscious 🙂 Enjoy!

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  3. Congrats on almost 60 poetry Thursdays!!!! that is super impressive. It was a beautiful poem, very hopeful. I love how butterflies operate as both an insect (are they insects, haha) and also that feeling of butterflies. Very lovely!

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