Poetry Thursday #58

It has been a lonnnnnnnggg week and it isn’t even over yet, that can’t be a good sign.  I’m not going to write too much before the poems today, it’s been a not-so-great week for me and I kind of just want to chill out for a bit.  I hope everyone else has been having a decent week and enjoying the nice weather :).  Anywho, on with the poetry!

I’m Fine
It’s easy to say “I’m fine”.
It’s easier to pretend
that every time you remind me
I’m not the one for you
my heart isn’t breaking
into thousands of little pieces.
I can say I’m fine
when they don’t invite me out
or talk behind my back.
I’m used to pretending
I don’t notice them avoiding me,
dodging my futile attempts
at talking to them.  It’s easy,
because I’ve never really been
anything other than alone.

“Happy? Really?” by VicciVoo on deviantart.com

Futile Dreams
I never want to sleep again –
never succumb to needed rest,
to lay my head upon my pillow
and fall into sweet R.E.M.

I never want to dream again –
to see the stars within my reach,
touching rainbows, swimming in
the oceans of my imagination.

I never want to sleep again –
it would be solace for my heart.
For when I dream, all I see
is your face looking back at me.

I never want to dream again –
to dream and see you smiling,
to smile back, to be with you,
to wake up and be alone.


"You Haunt Me You Haunt You Me" by p0m on deviantart.com



5 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #58

  1. Your poems were really lovely this week (which wasn’t actually this week cause I’m late) There was somthing powerful about them and yet I didn’t feel like they were shouting. They were heartbreaking and beautiful.

  2. the poems were lovely and heartbreaking to read at the same time! I am so sorry this week has been bad to you and I can only hope the clouds clear and next week is sunshine!!! You deserve only great days!!!! ❤

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