Poetry Thursday #57

A lovely Thursday to all of you!  It seems my computer isn’t quite as dead as I thought it was going to be, so a celebratory caffeinated beverage is in store!  I love CCBs (not to be confused with CBCBs, complimentary birthday caffeinated beverage, which are also awesome).  I made mine this morning, and made it all fancified (with warmed milk and foam), but alas it seems my mother has moved my cinnamon sugar – which is the ultimate topping for a CCB.  Boourns mom, boourns.  Maybe it’s a mother thing, maybe when I have kids I’ll start moving their stuff too, and I’ll understand the secret reasons why they do it.  That, or maybe I’m just blind this morning.  Meh.

Wow, that was a long ramble about CCBs, sorry bout that!  I guess it feels weird not having a post go up every day anymore.  Again, I’d like to thank Tom Baker for starting that little project, and though not many ended up doing it, I had a lot of fun.  And yes, I can take those oh so subtle hints about maybe next time someone else should write the questions.  I agree too, I just have to figure out how to trick Ryan into doing it…  I’ll have to persuade him with a SBCB (sneaky bribing caffeinated beverage).

Anywho, on with the poem for the week!  Enjoy! 🙂

Drops of Tears and Rain
Thunderous echoes, lightning sky,
the tempest’s din heard throughout
the night, waking all but I,
for I was wide awake.  My heart
ached and boomed like the thunder,
calling out in desperation, crying
out into the night sky, “All alone!”.

As our passionate storm cries on,
we grow weary from our loneliness –
for in our last act of sadness,
there was no solace to be found.
Growing silent to let the world
sleep soundly once more, the night ends
with whispered drops of tears and rain.

"Lightning Bolt" by MattTheSamurai on deviantart.com


6 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #57

  1. Mmmmm coffee….. *drool*

    A very stormy poem – I liked the heart booming like thunder, very cool.

    I love thunder storms, all the banging and flashing with the rain hitting the ground – I find it so comforting. Weird eh?

    This storm made me sad though, it really felt lonely and desperate. Nice job!

    • I love thunder storms too – they’re just so cool to watch (except when I’m walking to work and I have my umbrella out….then I’m scared lol). I guess when I wrote this I was feeling lonely and desperate lol. Whoopsies.

  2. I love the term “love storm” it works quite perfectly with the poem. I don’t know why, and I have probably said this many times, your poems always seem to create fantasy worlds in my mind when i read them, like I am tranported to another plane, it is a spectacular sensation.

    And no trick required, I will totes write the questions, ahha. OF course a SCBC would always persude me.

  3. I’m happy to hear your computer is not that dead. I miss your every day posts, though I haven’t read the last ones, because it was a busy week.

    This poem is in harmony with the weather forecast for the weekend, we expect storms, but not love storms alas :). The image is lovely!

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