31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 31

#31. Given the choice between going without television for the rest of my life or my computer, I would choose…

You know, it’s really funny that I’m answering this question right at this moment.  See, for most of these 31 days, I had the posts pre-written, so I didn’t have to worry about them.  I fell behind on a few of them, and this was the last one.  So I’m writing this at 9:45pm on June 4th, on my friend Ryan’s computer because my computer at home has decided to not work.  Not even easily fixable kind of not-working, no, it appears our awesome computer has gotten some hardcore virus.  So now I’m without a good computer to use, and this question is the easiest to answer.

I would go without television for the rest of my life.  I love TV, but I love my computer more.  I love being able to connect with a wide variety of people whenever I want to, I love going through wikipedia and looking up useless shit.  I love sharing my thoughts with people who give a damn, I love watching small webshows made by regular people like you or me. 

The fact that I didn’t answer this question until this exact moment is just too funny, but not funny in a laugh-out-loud sort of way, more like a “wow, my life fucking sucks and someone is laughing at me” kind of funny.

So you know what?  Screw you question, I want my computer back.  I’m going to go cry now.

Oh, and the computer thing – yeah that’s totally real, so I’m not sure when I’ll be updating again after this. 

Thanks for sticking by with the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty questions, and thank you Tom for orchestrating it!


12 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 31

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  5. I’d vote for the computer … I haven’t seen anything descent on TV for ages. Just depressing news and info on when the next strike is going to be and how much will I need to walk 🙂

    I’m sorry for your computer, I know what it is to be without one … I do hope it will be better soon and that you’re not crying for real!

    It was a real pleasure to follow you through these 31 days!

    • Yeah, I don’t really watch tv anymore – anytime I’m watching anything on the tv i’m watching a dvd lol.

      Computer is alive and well now, so that’s a plus – it could have been worse!

      And thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the 31 Days!

  6. Haha, this question is so timely. I agree with you, I would go without tv too, I love me my computer. And anyways, you can watch everything online as it is, so the computer is a two in one, haha. Or multiple in one I guess.

  7. I came up with the idea when my readership was down so not many people took part in it and now it seems so many people are extremely busy that they aren’t even keeping up with their own blogs.

    Thanks for being one out of two other people who took part. One dropped out early on, I think day 4. SaveSprinkles1234 is on vacation and will continue when she returns. I’m sorry to hear about your computer. I hope it gets fixed soon. What a coincidence it should break down now.

    It’s back to reality now. Trying to come up with new content for our blog posts…

    • The computer actually seems to be ok now. It wasn’t as bad of a virus as I thought it would be – at least the fixes were simple anyways. Just glad I didn’t lose everything again!

      Have a great one!

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