31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 30

#30. I wrote a letter to someone I really miss (do this).  I mailed it to them (postal, not email) and this is what I wrote…

I thought this was a great opportunity to make my very own postcard like I’ve always wanted to, so that’s exactly what I did!  I photoshopped an image, messed around with it for a long time, but ended up with something I wasn’t ashamed to mail to my friends.  I ended up getting it printed at the photo place in Fortinos, and then after realizing that the back wouldn’t be good to write on, I pasted some cover stock to the back of the images (with rubber cement – thank you Saber for showing me this awesome but stinky stuff!).  I didn’t really mail these like actual postcards, because I wasn’t sure if they’d get wrecked, but I think the next time I’ll just chance it, who knows what can happen right? 

I mailed my homemade postcards to Saber, and one to my friends Alex and Aaron.  Here they are!  Oh, if you can’t read them, just click on the image, it’ll come up in a new window and you can then zoom in to read it better!


7 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 30

  1. Sorry it has taken me a completely unreasonable amount of time to comment on this. I loved my post card! I really liked what you wrote for Alex&Aaron – I don’t think I could handle fake french accent eaither!

    This was such a creative way to answer this question! It remeinds me of when you made me the Tarot cards for my birthday one year (I think it was my birthday) which were AMAZING!

    You are so crafty and creative!

  2. The post cards turned out great! It was such a wonderful way to answer the question, you are so smart. Both letters were very lovely, and it was so sweet of you to share them with us all!

  3. Very ingenious! I love the postcards and knowing you coffee played some role in it. I really like the cards.

    I know Saber but if you don’t mind, who are Alex and Aaron? Why is your handwriting like I pictured it would be and why have I pictured your writing anyway?

    Interesting stamps!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them!

      Alex and Aaron are two friends I made while I was at school. Alex was in my program, and Aaron is his boyfriend (now husband). I haven’t seen them in so long, miss them lots and lots!

      I’m not sure why you’ve pictured my handwriting lol That’s a very good question! haha.

      • So you wrote two letters and I haven’t looked at mine since I mailed it months ago. I don’t think I actually pictured your handwriting until I saw it. Kinda like, You picture someone you’ve never seen but because you have heard their voice you formulate a picture in your mind.

        Don’t mind me. People have called me empathic because I picture things and can instantly sympathize with people. It’s very hard to explain so I’m not going to confuse you further.

        • It’s not confusing at all :S do you deal with Robots? lol. I dunno, maybe I’m just the same and can relate!

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