Poetry Thursday #56

♫♪♫ Let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry and leave a comment (please?)!♪♫♪

This is my last intermission before the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty is Over!  It’s been an interesting 28 days so far, and I think the next few posts will be just as interesting!  I hope everyone has enjoyed them as much as I have too! 

So, the weather in my area of Canada has been annoying.  So for a few weeks there I kind of forgot the sky was blue – it was grey and cloudy for pretty much everyday for a while there.  No wonder I was in such a bummed out mood.  Then on Tuesday, it was super freaking hot, or as my mother says: “Hotter than the Hobbs of Hell!” (I have no idea what the hobbs of hell are, but they sound unpleasant…maybe they’re like the cockles of hell or something).  Heat doesn’t really bother me too much, it’s that damn humidity. With humidity it was like 40 degrees (celsius of course) or more, so I kind of felt like I was melting a little bit.  Unpleasant indeed!  The poem I wrote was in hopes that the humidity would die off and I’d have a couple of beautiful sunny days without all that sweaty heat melting my brain slowly. 

And huzzah!  My voodoo weather poem worked!  Today is beautiful, breezy, and gorgeously sunny out!  I should start writing more love poems about a dream man or something, put a bit of voodoo poetry writing to the test and see if that comes true too!

Anywho, hope you all enjoy! 

Summer Skies
Clear blue skies defeat the grey,
the sun moves the clouds away.
Chirps of birds amongst the breeze
mixed with rustling of the trees.
Smelling flowers, see their sway
as they dance throughout the day.

I think summer has it right,
it’s time to forget our fright –
enjoy the sun as it shines.
Embrace life for it’s divine.
Let the summer give you might,
love the beauty that’s in sight.

"Skies of Summer" by Amanada aka MissDeadRose on deviantart.com


8 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #56

  1. That is such a great summery poem. It’s like that here today so I can really feel what your poem is about. It will be a nice poem to go back and read on ugly days:)

  2. It has been weird weather this year all over the world. From the hundreds of people killed by tornadoes and now it seems like we went from winter directly to summer.

    Today feels great and so is your poem. It has renewed my vigor for outside life. The Jackson 5ive’s Rockin’ Robin came on when I started reading the third line of your poem. A beautiful poem indeed.

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