31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 27

#27. Something I really hate about myself is…

I really hate answering these types of questions, because I find I’m the type of person to dwell on my negative attributes, obsess over them and become very unhappy.

But honestly, there are lots of things I hate about myself.  Some days I hate how I look, I hate that I’m fat, I hate that I’m short, I hate that I have a weird callous on my one finger, or that I have a cyst.  Some days I hate how unmotivated I am, how lazy I can be, how unproductive I am.  Some days I hate that I can’t sing, that I can’t dance, and that I can’t roll my “r”s.  I hate that I hate parts about myself sometimes, and I hate how easily other people can make me feel bad about myself. 

I think the best way to really answer this question though, is to say that: I really hate how I can let myself get bogged down with my imperfections, instead of embracing them.  Some days I do a really good job of this, some days not so much.  I guess it’s hard when people get hung up at my imperfections, because it makes it easier for me to become obsessed with them.

Really though, I don’t try to sit here and think “Gee, I hate me” – because I don’t.  It’s too easy to hate yourself, it’s too easy to just let everything overwhelm you and be unhappy.  I think that’s a really cheap way to go through life.  It’s much more fulfilling to work hard and feel something great in the end.


6 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 27

  1. I really liked your answer. It can be so easy to be bogged down with imperfections, and whenever that happens I find that it completely ruins my day. I always find when I start to do that I have to talk myself down, and pretty much be like “Ryan, stop it”. I always just try to remember I am perfect as I am, just like you are perfect and lovely as you are! ❤

  2. I agree with you that it’s easy to hate yourself. They say in order to find love you first have to love yourself, so I keep on trying to love myself, but there is something I hate, I hate being sensitive, emotional 🙂 that usually brings troubles and I can not love myself with troubles around. Nevertheless, clever answer, I liked it!

    • I know what you mean, I can be over sensitive sometimes too! It makes it difficult to be positive that’s for darn sure. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. You might not know that I stole the idea for 31 days of blogging honesty from 30 days of honesty that I found on the web. Out of those 30 questions I threw most of them away in exchange for my own. This, to be fair to the creators of 30 days, is one of maybe three that I kept of theirs. I didn’t like the question and still don’t but out of their 30, this one disliked less than the others.

    Of course I didn’t mean to make you bring up once again all those negative emotions but I like how you concluded things in the end. Here’s to a very kiss filled and fulfilling life. And always remember, I love you Cherlyn. I hope this friendship lasts far beyond our blogs. Have a great week.

    • I didn’t mean to bash the meme’s questions! Sorries!

      As for the rest of the comment, thank you veyr much, you’re a sweetheart! Love yah too Tom, and thank you for always being a good friend 🙂

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