31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 26

#26. If I could trade my weekly paycheck with a celebrity whose first name begins with the letter R, I would change with…

Either Ryan Reynolds or Renee Zellweger.  I can’t really decide – I mean, they both make sooo much more than I do, and probably ever will, that it doesn’t really matter the difference. 

Plus, if I traded with Renee Zellweger, I could pretend I was Bridget Jones, and that I got together with someone who looks like Colin Firth.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Wow, short answer today!


8 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 26

  1. hahahha, I love the addition of nom nom nom under the picture of Colin. I think I would trade with Ryan, partly because his name is the same as me.

  2. mmm Ryan is so yummy but that Colin Firth argument is also really tempting! Love that picture btw – so cute!

  3. Yes, Colin Firth! I like him too 🙂 Cool answer Cherlyn! I’d choose the same. I actually checked the names of celebrities that start with R, there aren’t that many … I also maybe swap my check with Rihanna, she’s got a good one too.

  4. No worries, most of mine have been short answers. I think you would opt for Ryan because Renee hasn’t been too busy lately. He’s better equipped to increase your bank!

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