31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 24

#23. A movie I’m ashamed to say I admit I love is…

Ashamed to say I love?  NEVER!  If I love a movie, I love it, no one can tell me I’m wrong for liking it. 

However, there are quite a few films that other people would think I’m weird for enjoying so much.  Let me tell you this: I love bad movies.  They’re hilarious, whether they are intentionally bad, or if they are unintentionally bad.  There is nothing more entertaining than watching a crappy film.  I’ve got my three favourite bad movies, and most people would be ashamed to say they love these films:

This movie is campy, it’s stupid, and it tries to be too much like the game without really being like the game at all.  It tries to incorporate too many characters, too many stupid subplots, without really developing the main plot very well.  It’s hilarious, and I absolutely love watching this film.

Yes, I actually enjoyed this film.  And yes, I actually own it on DVD.  This film did absolutely abysmally at the box office, and reviews were terrible.  Fans of the show were mortified and ashamed.  I can understand why, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z would be impossible to translate into a live action film.  The stories are too convoluted, too farfetched, and too silly to really be taken seriously in a live-action film.  It works well for the anime, because I think when it comes to cartoons and animation, you can get away with a lot more.  Why do I enjoy this film?  Well, it’s got interesting action sequences, and the characters, though not necessarily 100% accurate to the show, are a good representation of what those characters stand for.  It had some very laughable moments, but I guess I took it all with a laugh and just enjoyed it, without reading too much into.  I’m not ashamed to say I enjoyed this film.  It’s definitely not a masterpiece, and far from good, but it was entertaining.

Ah, the masterpiece of bad movies.  If you haven’t heard of this film, I’m surprised.  It is considered one of the worst, if not the worst, films of all time.  It is just dreadful on every level.  But with its combination of a stupid plot, flat characters, awful acting, awkward scenes, terrible dialogue, and shitty editing, there emerges a new kind of entertainment.  This film will make you reach transcendence.  And as you go through this unbelievable awful film, you will have a whole new outlook on life.  It is so entertaining, it is so god-awfully bad, and the precious thing about this film is that it wasn’t intentional.  This film takes itself seriously, and that is what makes it the worst film.  I seriously recommend you watch it, you will be seriously entertained.


8 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 24

  1. I haven’t seen any of the movies, but as you I am not ashamed of seeing any of the movies I’ve seen. Maybe sometimes I’m ashamed of liking a particular music, but the heart and the soul don’t ask, they just like whatever they wish to like 🙂

  2. I have only ever heard of the street fighter, not the other two. I have to agree though there are some very good bad movies out there you just have to sift through the truly terrible ones to find the good ones.

  3. Amazing. Street Fighter is so epically bad, but is more enjoyable with a few adult “alcoholic” beverages in you, hahah. The Room, I have never heard of it, but from the poster alone I could imagine its terrible-ness.

  4. I’ve never heard of The Room but from what you have written I think I would like to. Maybe on a cold dark and dreary November evening with the wind whipping and the rain pouring and I’m bored out of my skull… I could go into my room and with popcorn and smoothie in hand – watch that awful movie. Sounds like a good time. I’ve watched awful movies before!

    If you are interested I believe I watched what I think is the worst movie of all time. Check out the Netflix link: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Ice_from_the_Sun/60024013?trkid=1851333#height625. Have a great weekend.

    • You’re gonna have to either pirate The Room, or order it online, it’s not easy to come by. If you ever watch it lemme know what you think!.

      I’ll have to check out Ice from the Sun one day as well :). Have a great weekend yourself!

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