Poetry Thursday #55

♫♪♫ Let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry and leave a comment (please?)!♪♫♪

Did I forget to postdate my Poetry Thursday post for today?  Ssh, don’t tell anyone, we’ll pretend like it didn’t happen.

It seems I have started to get sick again.  And let me tell you, I am not a happy camper.  Maybe if I deny that I’m sick long enough, it’ll just magically disappear.  Let’s see how well this plan goes for me.

I really wanted to post my birthday present to Ryan today, even though it doesn’t really fall into a Poetry Thursday post, but alas, it has taken me much longer to finish it than anticipated.  Sorry Ryan!  Well, he’ll be getting it soon, and maybe I’ll post it some other day for everyone else to see.  Well, Happy Birthday Ryan 🙂  Lurrrvvee ya!.

I do have a poem to share today though, just a short one I wrote a few nights ago.  I was inspired by a few sources, mainly my own life, but a few other external factors as well.  Anywho, enough rambling, here’s my poem this week!  Enjoy!

Tempted by Belladonna
Temptation calls to kiss your lips,
to graze soft skin with my fingertips.
To swim inside your sea-blue eyes,
drowning the sound of your lies.
Losing myself in heated bliss,
to taste the poison in your kiss.

"Bella-Donna" by Amy Katharine aka amykatharine on deviantart.com

*Note: Belladonna is a very beautiful, but very poisonous plant.  It can be fatal to humans and animals alike.


10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #55

  1. Aw, thanks for the birthday wishes, and u take as long as u need on the home made give…I am super excited for it. Lovely poem, again was totally inlove with the title; it had this very Brier Rose feel to it, I felt like i was in a far away place, something almost mystical and fairy tale like. Beautiful.

  2. A truly beautiful poem but it shouldn’t be if you know what I mean. Maybe because ‘kiss’ is in it.

    I thought I told you to take care of yourself?! Don’t get too sick.

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