31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 20

#20. The book that I read that has altered my perception of life is…

I haven’t really read a book that has drastically altered my perception of life to be honest with you.  I read a novel, and enjoy it, and then it’s over.  Plus, I don’t sit and read books all the time, I read a lot of articles from magazines, or online, or poetry, but I’ve been reading fewer books.  I guess even though I enjoy reading and want to read more, I feel bad sitting around reading all day, like I’m being lazy.  Which is ridiculous, because I will gladly sit around and watch movies or television shows all day if I could.  I’m odd.

But for the sake of the question, I’m going to have to answer The Shining.  First off, it was the first “adult” novel I read, as in I was 13 when I read it, and it was the first piece of adult fiction that I really read (unless you count the Hobbit, but the Hobbit is really for every one of all ages, and plus we carry it in the 9-12 section as well as Fantasy in my store, so I count it for everyone).  To me, I guess it helped propel me towards my adult life, separating my maturity level from those of my age group.  It was also the first horror novel I had ever really read, and the first horror anything I ever enjoyed.  Did this book drastically alter my perception of life?  No, but I suppose it has influenced my tastes, my writing style and narrative, and what types of media I enjoy.  Plus, it is that one book I read almost every year, and it is something I really enjoy and continue to enjoy each time I read it. 

So that may not be the best answer, but that’s the best I can give.


8 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 20

    • I remember the movie really freaked you out, so I’ll tell you right now the book is much scarier. You’d probably enjoy the narrative and the characters, but not sure if the content is right for you!

  1. I haven’t read the Shining, but if it helped you I guess it was worth reading it.

    That book for me would be “A place called freedom” from Ken Follett … it has a lot to teach about strength and power of your desires, maybe this was the book that made me go from a person who looks negatively on things, to an absolute optimist, which so far has helped in difficult moments 🙂

    I love these 31 days posts Cherlyn, I wish they will not finish :)! I should’ve done them too … I guess now’s too late 🙂

    • Not sure if the Shining is up your alley, if you’re not a fan of scary books, maybe not.

      I’ve heard some very good things about that book, as well as that author’s other books. They’ve been definitely catching my interest.

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them!

      And you can always do them another month if you really want to, I mean I nkow it’s supposed to be May, but you can probably do it any month with 31 days 🙂

  2. I’ve never read The Shining. I think perhaps it’s about time I did. At 13 The Shining has the potential to change a person. That is a scary horror tale!

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. How have you been, really? Email me if you feel the need.

    • I think you may like the Shining. Stephen King isn’t for everyone, but that’s definitely one of his best ones. I suppose you’re right, it is quite a scary tale for a 13 year old, but I guess I’ve always lvoed a good scare!

      And that’s nice to hear 🙂 I’ve been ok, I suppose. Same old stuff brewing on my mind. I’ll email you of course!

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