Poetry Thursday #54

♫♪♫ Let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry, let’s all read some poetry and leave a comment (please?)!♪♫♪

Another break from the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty!  If you haven’t checked out my answers so far, well, just scroll down a bit and you’ll see them :D.  I’ve been enjoying the meme so far, it’s nice to see different people’s answers.  Plus, I think ti’s good for me to be a bit more open and honest, not just on my blog, but in my general life.  I’ve been finding that I haven’t been expressing myself the best lately, mostly it just feels like I shut down around other people (except for a few small exceptions).  It’s like I’m only half honest with how I’m feeling, and in the process I don’t really let anyone in.  So this whole project is testing my limits, and whether anyone else likes it or not, I’ve been enjoying it.

Sorry for putting the poem up a bit later than I usually do, today is my day off, and I decided to sleep in a little bit.  I’ll probably be doing that for a few days because work decided to give me 6 days off straight (which kind of bothers me, but what can I do right?).  Anywho, enough of my inane ramblings, here’s a poem!  Enjoy!

I wonder when it happened,
when I became a shadow,
hidden, bleak, and unnoticed.

Cast aside and forgotten
with my mediocrity
as my lifelong companion.

A chance never given to
be beautiful, breathtaking,
exceptional – never loved.

For who could love the mundane,
the ordinary?  There is
no romance for the average.

I am not remarkable,
I am but a shadow, the
shade of another’s beauty.

"Overshadowed" by Duelme2 on deviantart.com


8 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday #54

  1. I really enjoyed this poem, I loved the line “There is no romance for the average.” I’m not sure why, but it really struck me.

    I have really enjoyed reading your honest posts, they have been funny, heartfelt, and wall thought out. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment on them daily.

  2. I am certainly enjoying your 31 day challenge, the answers are unique… but that because they come from unique person 🙂

    The image is really well chosen to go with the poem, at least this is how I see the lonely tulip, somehow like the feelings in your poem, which I can tell you for sure, at this time I absolutely relate to it.

    I don’t feel unremarkable or not beautiful, but somehow with pack of emotions loaded lately I could see myself more as a shadow … so having said that, it was amazing reading your poem, it was like you had a pick inside my soul 🙂

    As I said on FB, it was a real pleasure to find the comments from you this morning, I feel almost sorry there aren’t many left to read 🙂 when will I get the chance to have so many at once …

    • Aww thanks Blaga, you’re a sweetheart!! you’re unique and amazing as well.

      I definitely can relate to that lonely tulip, it’s sad that both of us have felt that way.

      I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time, *Internet hugs* I hope this weekend will help turn everything around.

  3. Beautiful poem! On a side, I have loved all your answers to the 31 days of blogging, you have been so honest and have crafted answers that tell you are really digging dig and thinking about them; being super open and honest; all your answers have been a great read.

    Back to the poem; it produces a feeling that I have definitely felt. Your poems always have such strong emotions to them, I always seem to find a connection to myself.

    • Thanks Ryan! I’m glad you enjoyed boht my poems and my answers :).

      I guess you can relate to them cause you and I are so similar 🙂 And we’re both awesome.

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