31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 16

#16. If I were given just one day to relive I would most definitely choose…

I had so many answers to this, and I’ve rewritten this post a few times.  First off, I wasn’t sure if the question was saying that I only had just the one day to relive, and once midnight hit of that day it would be over, or if it was like “Groundhog Day”, where I would relive it over and over and over again, because there’s a different answer to both of them.  So to play it safe, I answered both.

For the Groundhog Day scenario, I picked an arbitrary day from the summer right after grade 8 and right before grade 9.  Any day really, no date comes to mind.  One of those days where there was less responsibility, less to worry about, and a lot more opportunities.  Maybe one of the days where I hung out with Saber and Aaron at the park, drinking a slushy from Macs Milk.  Or one of the days where Jeryn and I watched movies, and wrote, and acted like morons.  Or one of the days where Sara, Gem and I would play video games, or go swimming.  I would make the most of each day, trying to accomplish more than what I did – maybe learn some skills that I would like to learn.  overall, that was a more relaxing time for me, and though I love life now, I miss the simpler times some days.

As for the first scenario, I would go back to the day I got fired from the Sub Shop.  When my boss called me to ask if I could stop in, I had a feeling in my stomach that something was wrong.  If I could relive that day, I would march up to her and quit before she could fire me.  I would tell her how awful a boss she is, and that I deserved to be treated better.  I don’t think this would really change my life all that much, but its something I wish I could go back and fix. 


4 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 16

  1. I remember that summer, I forgot how simple things were. I miss those days where nothing mattered more than mac’s having the right slushie flavour or gem having a healthy supply of chips (always salt and vinegar)

  2. Both are excellent answers but man oh man wasn’t Groundhog Day an excellent movie? You’ve inspired me to get off my rear and start updating my Roll Film page again. I have it already written in Word, I just need to do the copy and paste thing.

    A day with less responsibility sounds nice.

    • I didn’t realize I didn’t his “post comment” yesterday, durr on my part!

      Groundhog Day is definitely one of my favourite comedies, love it so much!! I’m looking forward to seeing your Roll Film page updated and such 🙂

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