31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 15

#15. If I had to spend an entire day as the opposite sex, I would look like ______ and I would spend the day doing…

Oh so many possible people, with so many possible dirty answers.  But don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to disturb or mentally scar any of my readers.  Well, not today anyways.

I thought long and hard about this answer, and if I had to spend an entire day as the opposite sex, I would probably look like Stephen Harper, and I would spend my entire day ruining “my” (his) reputation, contradicting “my” (his) political platform, and overall jeopardizing any possible future career in politics.

Can you tell I’m not over the election results yet?

I love cats, and I am definitely a cat person.  But we all know if you cradle a cat like that you’re an evil villain.  Don’t believe me?  Well when he has you chained to a table with a laser slowly moving towards your junk, you’ll be singing a different tune my friends.


8 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 15

  1. I have been a bad bad saber, I’m so behind on reading blogs! I liked this, I really can’t stand stephen harper – he has ken doll hair which really freaks me out.

  2. Sounds like a cruel thing to do to Stephen but from previous posts I know how upset you are about the elections!

    On a side note, I wish more people would have taken part in 31 Days because I am really enjoying reading all the answers. How about you?

    • Yeah well there are a lot of cruel things Stephen has done to my fellow Canadians, including making the rich richer and poor poorer, taking away jobs, lying to us, not to mention is anti-gay marriage, and oppressive to women. He deserves more done to him than what I suggested up there.

      And yeah, I wish more people had too! It’s been fun to read and to write as well 🙂

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